Guarana Industry Insights: Comprehensive Evaluation Of The Market Via In-Depth Qualitative Insights 2019 – 2027

Global Guarana Market – Overview

Guarana is a dried paste derived from crushed seeds of P. sorbilis or P. cupana which is a woody perennial shrub native to Brazil and other Amazon regions. This product finds application as ingredients in food & beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturing. This product offers several health benefits such as stimulant, weight loss promotion, relieve chronic diarrhea & treat constipation and anti-cancer properties.

Global Guarana Market – Notable Developments

The competitive landscape of the global guarana market is quite fragmented one. This nature of the vendor landscape is due to the growing presence of several notable players operating in the global market space. The key companies in the global market are investing in improving their production capacities and upgrading their technological prowess in order to stay ahead of the competition in the global market. Moreover, these companies are expected to adopt aggressive growth strategies such as mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures in order to stay ahead of their rivals in the global market.

Some of the key developments in the global guarana market are

  • In June 2017, GOYA announced the launch of its newest soft drink product called GOYA Guarana flavor. This was a stimulating drink soda that is rich in caffeine. It has been released in Spanish market, thereby driving the industry demand.

Some of the key players in the global guarana market are Ambev, AR De Sousa Ribeiro, Duas Rodas Industrial, Herboflora, Givaudan, HERBO NUTRA and Plantnat.

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Global Guarana Market – Drivers and Restraints

One of the key driving factor for the growth of the global guarana market has been the increasing demand for these products because of its use as a caffeine alternative over traditional coffee beans. The product typically has a natural caffeine content of nearly 6% and is known to be nearly four to six times more powerful than the regular coffee beans. It also provides better anti-oxidant properties because of the presence of elements such as tannins, theobromine, saponins, catechins, and others. Such obvious benefits are also helping to drive the growth of the global guarana market in the coming years of the forecast period.

However, there are certain factors that might impede the growth of the global market in the coming years of the forecast period. These factors might slowdown the market growth and stop it from reaching its full potential. One of the key restraining factors for the market growth has been the occurrence of some side effects on human body such as irritation, stomach ache, insomnia, vomiting, and nausea among others. Such side effects may lead to slow down the demand for these products in the near future.

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Global Guarana Market – Geographical Outlook

There are five main regions of the global guarana market. These regional segments are North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. Of these, currently, the global market is being dominated by the regional segment of Europe. The region is projected to showcase a health rate of growth in the coming years of the forecast period.

The growth of the regional segment is expected to be mainly driven by the flourishing pharmaceutical industries’ revenue and strong domestic demand. Furthermore, increasing onus on the research and development activities and subsequent investment for the same is also expected to help in the growth of the Europe market. Another important driving factor for the growth of the Europe market has been the aggressive support provided by several governments and different initiatives implements by the European Union commissions for boosting the pharmaceutical industries. Initiatives including PRIME (Priority Medicines) by EU commission in which government and medicine producers work together to manufacture medicines for unmet medical conditions. Thus, these factors should accelerate regional market from pharmaceutical application.