Growing vegetables and producing beautiful plants in your own garden has long been the way to enjoy fresh and organic food. Many people have even made it their passion to grow plants all year long in any climatic conditions and this is only made possible using a hydroponic indoor grow tent. The definition of hydroponic farming is a way of growing plants without the use of soil or compost by simply giving them the nutrients they need.

Spider Farmer grow tent is a box-like structure that lines up with 99% reflective mylar from inside and made up of top 600D tear proof canvas that radiate light inside in every corner and block them from escaping. So basically, it has shining silver surface from inside and black on the outside. There are different types of equipment or grow kits available online like temperature & humidity controller and air ducts for perfect growth of plants.

Once you purchase the grow kits and tent itself, the rest of the expenses are the nutrients and seeds. Vegetables grow very well in this sort of perfect setup that offers suitable environment.

Whether it’s harsh winters or hot summers, you can grow any type of vegetables or plants all year around through hydroponics. When plant receive exact amount of light and nutrients, it will become healthy and full of nutritious value. In a hydroponic setting, you can grow vegetables like tomatoes, beans, and indoor plants. The reason it works so well and result in high yield is because you control the overall environment by setting the temperature, amount of water, intensity of light and time of the equipment.

Growing plants with hydroponic is gaining popularity in recent years. It is environmentally safe and saves water and energy. There is much less water used in hydroponic method as compared to traditional gardening. Hydroponic gardening is available for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge garden or small apartment, the grow tent can fit at any corner of your living room, bedroom or narrow balcony.


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