Global and Asia Pacific Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Market Poised for Steady Growth in the Future

Agriculture Sector Becomes Key Focus Point for Revenue Generation amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Packaging, footwear, and adhesives sectors have been the key focus point for companies in the global & Asia Pacific ethylene vinyl acetate market during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, most ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) uses fall under the category of non-essential products and is likely to cause an obstruction in market growth. Hence, manufacturers are broadening their revenue streams in agriculture and pharmaceutical industries to bolster market growth.

The uncertainty around the coronavirus disease has severely affected international trade practices. Volatile tax regulations on imports and exports of products are emerging as challenges for manufacturers in the global & Asia Pacific ethylene vinyl acetate market. Companies are increasing efforts to maintain business continuity plans with critical clients. In order to achieve this, manufacturers are strengthening their distribution networks to avoid supply shocks in mission-critical projects.

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EVA Copolymers Gain Prominence in Production of Custom Vacuum Mouthguards

Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers are being used to manufacture several routine products such as toys, tubings, extruded sheets, and the likes. Unconventional applications involve the production of vacuum thermoformed mouthguards and surgical supplies. The EVA copolymer material helps in proper tooth and gingiva adaption for the vacuum thermoformed mouthguard. However, there is a need for vacuum machines that are meant to produce multi-layer mouthguards. As such, dental literatures are increasing awareness about vacuum machines for multi-layer mouthguards. This will help to grow the business of EVA copolymers.

Currently, increasing number of customers is preferring multi-layer mouthguards over single-layer mouthguards. Hence, manufacturers in the global & Asia Pacific ethylene vinyl acetate market are capitalizing on this trend to expand their revenue streams. They are collaborating with experts and dentists to design custom vacuum mouthguards that offer better fit to individuals.

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Burgeoning Growth of Solar Industry in India and China Boosts Market Growth

EVA is emerging as a rising star for solar encapsulation. This trend is anticipated to grow in the global & Asia Pacific ethylene vinyl acetate market, since increasing number of people in densely populated countries such as India and China is opting for solar energy equipment. Solar cell manufacturers in India are fueling the demand for EVA sheets. Even EVA copolymer films are in high demand, as these materials act as essential sealants for photovoltaic solar modules. However, EVA has limitations in holding resistance toward high temperatures. Hence, manufacturers in the global & Asia Pacific ethylene vinyl acetate market are increasing awareness about covering EVA films with a protective front glass to prevent any damages in solar panels.

EVA sheet are found to increase the durability and performance levels of solar panels. A protective glass on top of the EVA sheet makes the solar module highly durable.

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High-performance EVA Rubbers Preferred in Rocker Head Covers and Cables

The global & Asia Pacific ethylene vinyl acetate market is projected to cross the value mark of US$ 7.3 Bn by 2030. Manufacturers are increasing efforts to expand their business in EVA rubbers. For instance, Arlanxeo— a producer of high-performance rubbers, is increasing its product offerings in EVA rubbers to scale its business of cables, seals, and hoses. The demand for synthetic rubbers is growing, owing to the production of plasticizing polymers and adhesive films.

EVA rubbers offer long-term heat stability in rocker head covers. Hence, manufacturers are capitalizing on value-grab opportunities in the ever-evolving automotive sector. Residential and commercial applications of EVA rubbers in buildings and ships are benefitting companies in the global & Asia Pacific ethylene vinyl acetate market.