How Not To Get Ripped When Renting a Car

Rental cars have been in the market since time immemorial. These are super convenient and easy go-to vehicles in times of need. If you are planning a weekend getaway from the hustle-bustle of city life, these cars might be just what you are looking for. The rental car business has seen a surge during the COVID-19 pandemic when public transportation was not a safe option for many.

Now, with the various developments in technologies all over the world, people can book a rental car from the comfort of their homes. These online service providers take appointments and other important details online or over a phone call, which is essential for the passenger(s). There are various cars and packages available for the users to choose from based on their needs and preferences. To book a rental car, or for further information on how to book one, you can visit here.

The surge witnessed in the rental car business also saw a rapid rise in the number of people getting ripped. These cases are now higher than usual, owing to the current situation of the world. However, in order to help you save money and not get ripped while using a rental car service, given below is a list that can help you not get ripped.

1.  Avoid uncommon service providers

There are a lot of rental car providers available in the market which offer a variety of businesses to different people. People should always pick the ones which they are familiar with, and avoid the not-so-common rental providers.

These uncommon service providers could be fishy and can demand extra money from you. Furthermore, these no-name companies can take some amount of money, if not all, in advance from you and then be a no-show, leaving you stranded. This is a common scamming tactic that people are using these days in this business. People are advised to be a little careful while looking out for rental partners.

2.  Use one-way cars


Well this can sound a bit weird, given your plans would most definitely require a two-way journey, this simple trick can help you save some money. You should divide your rental car’s booking into two parts, one to leave town, and the other to get back in. Two separate bookings would help you cut the extra costs you would have otherwise been paying to keep the car (and sometimes, also the chauffeur) around.

3.  Book in advance

If possible, try to make all your bookings well in advance, as last-minute bookings always tend to cost more than the actual price. Also, be specific about your car preferences, as these influence the total cost by a lot.

Early booking options also have the refund feature, just in case your plans get changed. Getting a refund at the last moment booking could be hectic, and oftentimes, the complete process is futile. To avoid any money being lost, passengers and users are advised to book in advance whenever possible.

4.  Say no to insurances


Many times, the rental providers come up with unique insurances which are simply innovative methods devised to scam people. These insurances are usually extorted in the name of health and ride benefits, but never actually help when in need.

Additional charges such as collision damage waivers and unreasonably high security deposits are also to be straight up denied. Timid and soft passengers are always easy targets. Passengers should be upfront and bold in their actions and say no to all these additional bills by putting their strongest foot forward.

5.  Cautious of the forced upgrades

Sometimes, in order to extort additional money from passengers, rental car owners and service providers offer users to have an upgraded package at a much higher price than the original deal.  Companies trick the passengers and riders by saying their earlier booked vehicle preference was sold out last minute and they have nothing else to provide them with.

At last, passengers are forced to use the upgrades and pay more than what was earlier decided. You can overcome this situation by demanding to talk to the head of operations at a particular rental car outlet. This way you can confirm if the sales executive told you the truth or was simply scamming you. By law, these companies are supposed to provide the companies what they earlier agreed to and these last moment upgrades are to be paid by the companies themselves, and not the passengers.

6.  Check the additional charges beforehand

Various companies providing rental car solutions online have a wide-ranging catalog on their websites or brochures, which the passengers should check properly and prior to making any reservations. These charges could include an extra charge for a baby seat, which can be avoided if the passengers get their own. Additionally, fuel charges vary from company to company.

Some already add these up in their main package, while others expect passengers to pay at the gas stations. Either way, it would be easier if you checked the details and fuel prices beforehand, to make sure you are not getting duped.

7.  Follow the traffic norms

If you, or your chauffeur, drive carefully and follow all the traffic rules, regulations, and norms, you can end up saving the money which would otherwise be spent on clearing the penalties. Road penalties are pricey and should be avoided at all costs.

Additionally, if you return the car within the designated time frame, you can save yourself from the additional charges of the rental companies. These companies tend to impose ridiculous amounts on passengers when they fail to return the car on time. Passengers and users can avoid all this by being a little punctual.


Rental cars have made commuting easier and much safer. Some companies are world-renowned for their high-quality services and good cars. Rentals are a perfect solution for those who want to know how it feels to own a car, minus the hustle and hassle of actually owning one. The above-mentioned points to remember should help you save money upon your next booking. Safe traveling.