Brave is a chromium-based browser that gives you a browsing experience free of ads, and it will pay the people to watch the commercials. Yes! It is not wrong – now, the ad-block browser is running the advertisements; however, in a considerate way than we are familiar with it.

Though it has the same technology and appears like Google Chrome, the Brave browser cannot share the challenging data tracking of a distant relative. Brave actively helps to block the activity tracking that a lot of websites and ads use to gain information about the users. The latest advertising models of Brave sustain this level of user security; however, they also search for ‘fixing web and its funding method.’

The tracking of data is distressing, and ads are irritating, yet a lot of websites we visit everyday run on the ad profits, and blocking the ads makes it difficult for the sites to work. So, what does Brave give the solution in this situation? This browser will pay you to view the ads and share the money with your desired sites.

How the ad model of Brave Rewards works?

Brave generates ad ‘catalogs’ and makes use of a machine learning to modify your experience depending on which ads you see and relate to, therefore cutting out the middle person between the users and advertisers. This model is entirely opt-in, which means that these advertisements can be disabled automatically. The ads you see will be shifted to the cryptocurrency of Brave, BAT (Basic Attention Tokens), paid out to the wallet of Brave every month. Users gather a 70% cut of the income they make, and the advertiser and Brave divide the rest.

Currently, the BAT cannot be changed into the local currency. However, Brave can add this choice in the next time. Meanwhile, BAT can be used to buy gift cards and vouchers from online restaurants, hotels, and retailers.

All the data related to the ads are locally stored and cannot be shared with the domains you visit or the advertisers.

The best thing is Brave can offer a browsing experience free of ads; instead, the announcements of brave being shown on the website pages, they show up as a notification on the desktop.

How to enable and tailor Brave Rewards?

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Download the latest version of Brave and install it.
  • Open a new window of the Brave browser.
  • While first running the browser, you can easily enable the Brave rewards. Click on the setup cards on the welcome screen. The final card constitutes a description of the opt-in settings and ad model.

Also, you can easily customize, disable, and enable Brave Rewards in the settings of the browser. For checking these, click on the menu icon in the top right corner of the browser. Click on the tab of ‘Brave Rewards’ in the menu of settings. On the other hand, in the URL bar, type ‘brave://settings/ to go to the menu directly.