Genuine By Anthony

An online fashion store is very easy to set up and run. It is even less expensive than a physical store. However, an online store requires continuous investment. As an online store owner, you need to keep restocking your items so that your online store won’t look empty. Of course this is a sign of good business, but this happens to be a big problem when fund is limited.  In a situation where an item produced on a wholesale is not sold quickly enough to produce a new type of item customers are demanding, will cause customers to stop visiting the online store and look for another online store. One important thing about having an online store is regular restocking of new items, especially those that are in vogue, when customers cannot find an item they want to buy on your store after one or two visits, they will have the notion you are not reliable and they will decide to patronize another online store. The problem of continuously providing customers with items they desire, without actually knowing what they want is so constricting, that it has caused a number of new online stores to collapse.

How will you know the type item the general public will readily buy?  How will you reduce the cost of keeping products that were not bought in a warehouse? These thoughts drove us to think outside the box. How will we involve our customers’ opinions in making a particular product? Genuine By Anthony was created out of a love for street wear and fashion, mixing art and originality for contemporary street wear styles, but Genuine is different from many other online store because of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is a practice of obtaining information or input into a task or project by enlisting the services of a large number of people typically via the internet.  Crowdsourcing helps to create the perfect zero waste cycle. There is no warehouse or a fulfillment center because there is no need for one; all the items produced have already been bought.

With crowdsourcing, we can make our customers play a big role in what we produce and sell to them. They are in control of the type of products we produce and sell.  This is the perfect business model for our street-wear items. Customers will help in deciding exactly what to produce, and this eliminates the cost of keeping goods in a warehouse.  We simply just make a number of designs and put it on our website, the response of customers to different designs will help us to decide which type of design we should produce. One unique thing about our business model is the fact that these designs comes in a limited number. Once we reach the targeted number of customers, we go into production and ship the items to our different customers. There is no need to keep any item in a warehouse; therefore, there is zero waste. We only make clothes for the number for customers that ordered. It is very much similar to pre-order. We work with the principle of demand and supply, our customers demand a certain type of item from us and we produce and supply.

Although there is a waiting period before customers get their items, our products stand out in term so quality and cost effectiveness.