GaN Semiconductor Devices Market 2024 Likely to Replace Silicon-based Semiconductors in Near Future

Power management and technologies in the semiconductor sphere have evolved at a rapid pace in the past decade. Power management solutions are set to witness a major overhaul in the coming years, due to significant progress of the Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor devices market. Gallium nitride semiconductors are expected to play a critical role in radiofrequency power, power switching, and present-day sensor applications. Moreover, companies operating in the current GaN semiconductor devices market are largely focusing on commercializing GaN semiconductor devices and increase the adoption of the cutting-edge revolutionary.

Over the past couple of decades, gallium arsenide and silicon-based technologies, integrated circuits, and devices have enabled the development of an array of innovations in the power electronic sector, including 3G, 4G-LTE wireless framework, and power switching solutions in inverter and converter systems. However, during the forecast period, as older and inefficient semiconductor technologies are getting closer to their theoretical threshold, newer technologies based around GaN semiconductors are gradually gaining a considerable amount of popularity. As silicon technologies continue to reach their peak, the adoption of new GaN semiconductor devices is expected to grow at a notable pace in the coming years. GaN solutions are likely to provide a significant boost to the development of the 5G technology due to which, the demand for the same is likely to witness considerable growth. At the back of these factors, the global GaN semiconductor devices market is expected to reach a valuation of ~US$ 4 Bn by the end of 2027.

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Adoption of GaN Semiconductor Devices to Improve Electronic Performance

GaN semiconductors have emerged as an ideal solution to improve electronic performances. In addition, the exceptional capability of GaN to conduct electrons with a great degree of efficiency in comparison with silicon is another factor that is set to augment the demand for GaN semiconductor devices in the coming years. The adoption of silicon-based semiconductor devices is on the decline and as per the current trends, GaN semiconductor devices are expected to hit the mainstream in the coming years. In addition, the production cost of a GaN device is considerably lower than that of the overall production cost of a MOSFET device; the demand for GaN semiconductor devices is expected to move in the upward trajectory during the assessment period. GaN devices are significantly smaller in size compared to silicon devices; a higher number of GaN devices can be manufactured per wafer making them a cost-effective alternative to silicon.

Moreover, as GaN semiconductor devices are likely to improve the performance of integrated chips (IC) and transistors, power design engineers are expected to leverage the benefits of GaN technologies, including low switching losses, low conductance losses, low power consumption to operate the circuit, low costs, small device size, and less capacitance, among others. The deployment of GaN semiconductor in power conversion systems is expected to scale new heights during the forecast period– a factor that is expected to significantly boost the prospects of the global GaN semiconductor devices market in the stipulated timeframe of the study.

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GaN Semiconductors to Enhance Energy-efficiency in Power Supplies

The usage of GaN semiconductor devices is set to grow in an array of applications, including Internet of Things (IoT), industrial machinery, automotive, and consumer electronics. The demand for GaN semiconductors is anticipated to witness unprecedented growth in the coming years, as the pressure to minimize greenhouse gas emissions require integrated circuits to work using minimal power. The mounting pressure to maximize energy efficiency has transformed the semiconductor space and thus, the demand for GaN semiconductor devices is likely to surge in the near future. Power supplies are an integral component of the electronic ecosystem, and innovations and new developments in the GaN semiconductor devices market are likely to center on maximizing energy efficiencies. The deployment of GaN semiconductor devices is projected to witness considerable growth in data centers and automotive systems– two key industrial verticals that require innovative and cutting-edge power technologies.

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