Fried Chicken: 8 Unrevealed Facts

Fried chicken, if served correctly, is one of the tastiest foods on earth. It appears in a number of sizes. However, when it’s perfect, it’s perfect. It’s one of life’s great culinary privileges to bite through a crushingly crisp and delicious crust that inevitably leads to the deliciously tasty chicken inside. 


And even it’s a little mushy out – it still tastes perfect inside your mouth. We’ve hunted down ten fascinating details regarding the staple from its history to its secret recipe that brought KFC a fortune.

The Scottish discovered fried chicken. 

Fried chicken was originally the Scottish who discovered to deep-fry a chicken and introduced it to Americans. What people typically do is to bake or boil a chicken. It became a leading American dish from there.  For sure, this is one of the wtf facts about fried chicken that surprises you as well, thinking it was the Americans’. 

Fried Chicken Was A Special Dish in the 1900s.

Fried chicken was a specialty in the early 1900s that was typically saved for special events and holidays owing to the limited lack of spring chickens and the desire for a large amount of protein.

Frying is not for all chickens.

Now, every chicken that you can find in supermarkets has been specially raised to be perfect for all forms of cooking, especially frying. Since older birds are stronger and need lengthy cooking, only the younger chickens were ideal for fast cooking. The idea that they are not accessible anytime makes the dish much more of a luxurious object.

There are different variants of frying around the Globe. 

Fried chicken can be more commonly identified with America, but you will also find variants across the globe. Koreans cook it twice and douse it in sweet and spicy sauce; Japanese slice it into tiny pieces and fry in a tempura-like form, and Thai people marinate and serve it with sticky rice.

The Unhealthiest Version of Frying is From Nashville.

People from Nashville fry their chickens really hot, which made them famous. However, you may want to think very hard before you gorge yourself: once the chicken falls into the fryer, it’s dunked straight into a vat of chili-infused grease, knocking the calorie count down to stratospheric rates.

3 Frying Methods

There are three methods when it comes to frying a chicken: deep-fry, which is the simplest method, pressure-fry (or “roasting”), which requires less time than conventional deep-fry and usually results in a juicier one. And pan-fry in a casserole, this is the oldest method and is deemed the best because of adequate browning and a higher degree of power.

It’s The Pressure Fryer: The Secret to KFC’s Success

Colonel Sanders was insistent that his chicken would be pan-fried whilst he was running his initial restaurant. However, he was still disappointed that the new approach had taken over 30 minutes, way too long for a traditional restaurant. 


He purchased one of the first industrial pressure cookers ever made in 1939 and turned it into a fryer (a precarious decision, in retrospect) and discovered that the produced one was almost as delicious as the pan-fried one and fried in 30 minutes. It also took part in bringing fried chicken into the restaurant and out of the home kitchen.

The Secret Recipe 

If you want to achieve the best version of deep-fried chicken with its crispiness and everything, make sure your chickens have those desired crags. The secret is to add a couple of spoonfuls of the buttermilk mixture into a dry breading mixture and let those extra tiny lumps of flour do the magic.


Fried chicken has seen a revival of sorts over the previous decades or so. It’s also a food that can be perfected in your very own kitchen with a little training utilizing affordable ingredients.