Four Common Betting Types To Find In UFABET

When it comes to sports betting, things can get quite confusing when a punter chooses which bet to pick from. Gone are days when people bet only on the winning team or the team with maximum goals or runs. These days’ bets on ยูฟ่าเบท have become more and more complicated and varied in nature.

This has increased the number of options that the punters have for betting. Sometimes, it can be difficult for the bettor to identify which team will win or score the highest. But, the varying other bets available to the punters will help them bet on various factors. However, there are several types of bets that are popular in the circuit of sports gambling. There are a few that make the most noise and is popular among the regular bettors.

Money line

These are quite common in hockey, baseballs, etc. in this simply winning and losing of a win will decide whether one will win a bet. In this case, one can bet on either the favorite team or bet on the underdog team. Each team will have their odds marked. One will have to risk a higher wager if they choose to bet on favorite and vice versa.

Straight bet

These are the most common type of bets that is played by the punters in UFABET. There is a point spread or betting line that will decide the win and loss of the wager. This type of bet is common in basketball and football. If one bet on the underdog team, then they will get the point advantage. But, choosing a favorite team will give a disadvantage of certain points.

For the punter to win, either the favorite team will have to win by extra points, or the underdog team will have to lose by certain points.


Now, these are the high-risk betting types. Though the risks are high in this, the chances to win are also high. In this, the bettor can choose to group various picks. One can group two picks or can go up to 12 picks.

The return rate can fluctuate based on the number of teams in the parleys and the number added to the grouping. For example, in a ten-team parley, the return can be 645:1. Another thing that stands to be the most crucial rule of parley is that one will have to win all the picks in the group. If not, then the entire parley group is counted as a loss.

Total line

In this type of bet, the punter will bet on the total score scored by both the teams. It is very common in basketball and soccer. Also, in this, the bets are placed either for full time or for half time.

The total line is equivalent to the total score that will be scored. The bettor will then have to bet whether the score will go up from the total bet line (over) or will remain lower than the betting line (under).

These four are the most common betting types that are played by punters across the globe. These betting types are easy to understand and are also less complicated to analyze.