In the current times, various developments and professionalization continue to take place in and around the game of football. These developments include in-depth analysis and care for every single detail concerning the game. Most of the major aspects include the overall performance of the team as well as the individual performances. These have become imperative characteristics that are considered by any coach aiming for the top. 


Football analysis can be defined as the process. This process is used to examine all the events that take place in a match. It concerns both one’s team and the team of the opponent. The actions performed by every single athlete are also examined. The data collected is based on the analysis performed through the different phases of the match. 

The thought process and steps involved in football analysis:

When one talks about football analysis (วิเคราะห์บอล), the overall study of the individual and collective study of the team is considered crucial. The collection of information on the processes of the opponent is also equally important. This, is ultimately combined with the result of the analysis. It finally influences the effect it will have on the overall team.

This kind of collection of data and ultimate processing provides the required statistics and information regarding the process. This also aids in the calculation of specific peculiarities, swot analysis combined with the habits.

The form of data analysis that is applied to understand the supplies in the major three types of standard analysis:

  • System of play:

This involves the overall study and understanding of the system of play.

  • Quantitative analysis:

This is the form of analysis of statistical numbers in the form of data that explains why a certain situation occurs, does not occur, or why it repeats itself.

  • Qualitative analysis:

This is the in-depth technical and tactical form of analysing the various phases of the game and the overall gameplay. 

Football analysis is very helpful in improving the overall performance of the team. It also proves to be extremely educational to the coach and staff as they can better understand the movements of the opponent team in a more significant manner. All the video clips that describe the various phases and improvements required in the game prove a deeper understanding of the team in general.


When it comes to professional football analysis, the overall observation of the opponent team is classified into three major steps, them being:

  • Observation:

This involves the detailed observation of the match carried out several times to get the ideal information about the individual and the overall behaviour of the team and its players. All in a structured and detailed format.

  • Application:

This is the use of the processed information. It involves the planning of all the possible countermeasures that can be deployed. And making necessary changes to the existing strategy based on the observations.

  • Developing the report:

All the collected data and information is processed in the form of a report paper. This includes all the situations that have been analysed. This final report bears the exhaustive details regarding the improvements suggested.



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