Feed Supplements are consumed in order to magnify the food value of a regular diet. The essential part of the diet and so are nutrients. Information existing to ingredients and their respective nutritional value are prime important to the consumers of supplements and nutritional products. Feed supplement packaging has an important role in communicating this information to the consumers, hence it becomes important to display the information related to the elements present in the supplement by providing their nutrition value on the packaging. Furthermore compositions in order to direct their diet plan as consulted by nutritionists or by physicians. Due to this feed supplement packaging market has gained massive pull since last few years.

Packaging systems used for supplements also support branding by differentiating a particular brand in retail stores and this make product more presentable. The numerous packaging methods offered for feed supplements include bottles, capsules, blisters, canisters, etc. The choice of feed supplement packaging is made depending on the type and the volume of the supplement.

Health and fitness centres are growing continuously since past few years and the trend is expected to grow more over the forecast period. Due to the increasing trend of bodybuilding and fitness among youngsters and middle age population groups, feed supplement packaging market has shown faster growth in recent years.

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Feed Supplement Packaging Market: Market Dynamics

A rise in the number of new solutions in terms of packaging is expected to spur demand over the forecast period. Food and pharmaceutical are the key sectors which are contributing to the demand for feed supplement packaging market. Changing lifestyle, health consciousness in youngsters and an increase in self-directed consumers are the factors that are leading to a rise in demand for feed supplement packaging market.

Feed supplements packaging demand is growing at a rate of 7% worldwide which explains growing preference by packaging manufacturers for the feed supplement packaging products. Feed supplements packaging materials reveal high performance and moisture barrier properties which help to extend the shelf life of supplements products. Plastics are highly preferred by manufacturers, distributors and suppliers due to the features like durability, strength and chemical resisting who are operating in feed supplements packaging market.

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Increasing concern among urban population globally to solve problems regarding health and life has justified consumption of feed supplements, particularly proteins, vitamins and minerals, targeted to benefit digestive health, immune system etc. Manufacturers of the feed supplements products are looking for attractive as well as promising packaging solutions. This creates more opportunities for the feed supplements packaging market. COVID-19 pandemic impacted globally the growth of feed supplement packaging market, which has also impacted the whole packaging industry up to a certain extent.

Geographically, the global feed supplements packaging market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, ASEAN, East and South Asia, Middle East and Africa (MEA). North America has a successfully established pharmaceutical and food industry, which means contributing to the demand for feed supplements packaging market. With North America, Latin America also will be the best opportunity for feed supplement packaging marketers in the coming future.

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The increasing demand for dietary supplements has positively affected the feed supplement packaging market. Europe is expected to observe a significant growth in food and nutritional supplements market. In terms of growth rate, the supplements and nutrition packaging market in the ASEAN region is evaluated confirmed highest growth rate globally in the last few years. Growth prospects in the East and South Asian countries are witnessed to grab from market opportunities in India and China.

Feed Supplement Packaging Market: Key Players

  • Moluded Packaging Solutions Limited.
  • Alpha Packaging
  • Container & Packaging Supply Inc
  • Arizona Nutritional Supplements LLC.
  • Graham packaging company LP
  • Comar, LLC
  • Packacre enterprises limited