Fans & Blowers Market 2024 is estimated to expand at a CAGR of ~5%

Ventilation equipment are playing a key role in improving the make-up air in narrow spaces such as elevators of buildings and facilities. These equipment are under critical observation to spread the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As such, AC fan applications are surging during the pandemic. Fulltech – an electronics manufacturer in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, is capitalizing on this demand for AC fans that are being adjusted to facilitate the right air convection in elevators of buildings. End users are demanding to exhaust the air out instead of inside the elevator to prevent the spread of the virus.

Companies in the fans & blowers market in China are gradually reopening their production facilities. They are increasing the availability of electronically commuted (EC) fans to deliver proper ventilation in elevators. OEMs are providing customized services to clients in order to meet their specific requirements. These factors are expected to drive the fans & blowers market during the forecast period.

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Stand Out or Blend In? Era of Robust Commercial Fans

Energy-efficient solutions are witnessing high demand in the U.S. fans & blowers market. Manufacturers are increasing their R&D muscle to innovate in commercial HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) fans to increase their production in energy-efficient products. Texas-based EPIC Fans company is developing high-impact and energy-efficient commercial HVLS fans that are replacing the need for multiple ceiling fans. Such advanced appliances are generating revenue for the fans & blowers market, which is predicted to reach the value of US$ 11.3 Bn by the end of 2030.

Innovative products such as the five-blade design and the aerodynamic technology in industrial fans are creating value-grab opportunities for companies. Energy savings have become an important focus point for manufacturers who are offering year-round value to consumers. Sleek and low-profile aesthetic designs are highly preferred in commercial fans.

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Introduction of Optimum Air Delivery Fans Offers Lucrative Opportunities in India

Indian manufacturers are increasing their product portfolio in premium, decorative, and classic fans to cater to all income groups in the fans & blowers market. As such, Asia Pacific currently dictates the highest revenue among all regions in the market landscape and is expected to retain its dominance throughout the assessment period. Consumer appliances company Somany Home Innovation is improving its sales and distribution strategies to acquire a significant share of the fans & blowers market in India.

Easy-to-clean dust-resistant blades and optimum air delivery at low voltage are among key attributes of the new industrial fans and blowers being introduced in the market. Manufacturers are strengthening their branding and sales strategies by increasing the availability of industrial fans and blowers through e-Commerce portals and other trade outlets. They are focusing on aerodynamic blades for even air distribution in appliances.

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Combustion Applications Fuel Demand for Fans and Blowers

High-pressure blowers have the capability to not only move clean air but also material laden-air. Hence, Wisconsin-based industrial fans and blowers manufacturer AirPro is gaining efficacy to produce high-pressure blowers that are being pervasively used in heavy-duty applications. High-quality equipment are helping companies in the fans & blowers market to earn credibility in the global market landscape. They are using fully welded materials in high-pressure blowers to increase their lifecycle. Thus, a fully welded material construction is serving as an efficient alternative to riveted construction in industrial blowers.

Fans and blowers are acquiring prominence in the petrochemical industry, since this equipment is used for the combustion of air required to burn fuel such as gas, oil, and wood. Companies in the fans & blowers market are increasing their production capabilities, since blowers are used in combination with burners to supply stable and consistent air flow in combustion applications.

Advanced Blowers Resolve Issue of Lack of Make-up Air in Buildings

Engineers are continually reinventing the form and function of fans & blowers to adapt to traditional airflow and ventilation systems. However, it is still challenging to recognize problems in providing better environmental control in buildings, manufacturing facilities, and plants. Hence, companies in the fans & blowers market are increasing their R&D capabilities to produce advanced equipment that address the issue of lack of make-up air in buildings and other facilities. Lindberg Process Equipment – a provider of energy & combustion systems for industrial and mining fields is enhancing its product portfolio in high-pressure blowers and pneumatic systems that forcibly propel granular materials through ducts to keep the ductwork clear of contaminants.

Since using high-pressure blowers can take a toll on power consumption, manufacturers in the fans & blowers market are introducing smart controls in equipment that reduce the amount of power necessary to keep the machines running.

Companies Apply Rigid Measures of Quality to Meet Demanding Needs of Automakers

Noise reduction has become important in new industrial fans and blowers. Companies in the fans & blowers market are integrating quieter designs in equipment that provide the same function without unnecessary high sound. They are collaborating with engineers to enhance blade configurations in blowers to deploy minimized vibrations and greater airflow, whilst delivering energy savings. Manufacturers are experimenting with inlet and outlet configurations in industrial fans and blowers to reduce the swirling of equipment in site applications.

Air systems company Barry Blower is designing products that solve the air handling needs of its customers in the processing and automotive industries. Manufacturers in the fans & blowers market are applying the most rigid measures of quality to meet the demanding needs of customers.

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