Facing Problems To Secure A Good Ranking On Search Engines? Here’s The Solution

Getting a good rank on search engines helps you to improve your business exposure, and help you to establish authority. Your website might be struggling to get a good rank due to various numbers of reasons. You could have an excellent looking website, but it isn’t of any use if you don’t have traffic.

To solve the issue, you should understand what is wrong with the site, and what can you do to fix it. Digibulls can help you achieve good rankings on various search engines. Below is a list of probable reasons why your website might be facing rank issues.

  1. Your website might not be indexed in Google

It might sound stupid and silly but check your reading setting. Accidentally, you may have blocked search engines from indexing your websites.

  1. You haven’t given sufficient time

Patience plays an essential role when it comes to SEO. To implement a strategy, it takes a lot of research and creativity, and then content producing begins. Sometimes it takes months or years to implement changes and for you to see the results. Even Google takes some time to realize the changes you’ve made. So, yet though it is challenging, SEO needs some patience.

  1. Competitors

SEO isn’t between you and Google; it is between you and your competitors. SEO is used by almost every business to gain traffic. So, if you think you have worked enough on SEO, there are always your competitors working hard to show you how to use SEO. You and your competitors both have the same goal to attract more traffic. So, the deeper you go into SEO, the better results you will get.

  1. Your website might be good-looking but superficial

You might have a modern and well-designed website. Even though it looks excellent, and you have spent a lot of time and money still, there might be a chance that Google doesn’t appreciate it. The main reason for this is that your website does not account for every SEO angle. There can be many reasons for this.

Following is a small list for why this might be the case:

  • Old and untouched content
  • Duplicate content
  • Insufficient content
  • Website navigation problem
  • No way to refresh your content
  • Split keyword focus, which means many pages could rank for a particular word.
  1. Lacking high-quality content

It’s true that lengthy content performs well and results in good traffic. But we forget high-quality content plays a more critical role than lengthy content. High-quality content helps more in ranking good in search results than long worded content.

To solve this issue, you can take a look at your competitor’s page, study them, and accordingly make changes to your website and match the content quality, you can also buy high quality content from a trusted agency like Digibulls.

  1. Lack of high-quality backlink

The numbers of backlinks play an important factor in determining rank. To build a strong backlink profile of your website, you need a lot of effort. Your main aim should be to get legitimate editorial from relevant authoritative sites. To this effectively there are several methods:

  • Top experts
  • Guest posting
  • Blog commenting
  1. You might be in Google’s Penalty box

Google’s Manual Action penalty can remove from Google’s search list altogether. If your rank has suddenly dropped drop after being ranked well, this can be the reason. The only way to solve this is to check Google Manual Action Report and correct your issues.

If you have received such a report, this means someone has manually reviewed your website as no longer compliant with Google’s guidelines.

The following can be the reasons for manual actions:

  • Your site is hacked; someone has uploaded and hidden malicious software.
  • Cloaked images
  • Spam comments on your forums or blogs.
  • A large number of pages hosted on a service are spammy.
  • Your website has a lot of deceptive and manipulative links.
  • Your website isn’t providing real value to users.
  • Keyword stuffing and hidden texts
  1. You are not leveraging Social Media

Lots of businesses put advertisements on social media and also have a social media account. Though they might not be too active and even though their account might be outdated, but still social media contributes a lot to your rank. It would be best if you stayed active on social media to increase your SEO efforts and should keep your information updated.

  1. Your website isn’t mobile-friendly 

With a massive number of mobile users, we all know mobile usage is overtaking laptop/desktop usage. This reason is why it is crucial to have a mobile-friendly website. This feature will have a serious impact on your rankings. Your website should be responsive and easy to navigate on mobile phones, or else it will result in Google punishing you.

  1. Not optimized Meta Tags

 Your website uses Metadata to determine your website contents., Each webpage has its set of Meta tags and can be optimized to describe your page.

Many things can improve your traffic through search results. The more you know about SEO and understand your website, the easier it will be for you to decide on this process. Many businesses see the struggle through rankings. No one wants this struggle but has to face it eventually. Well, to achieve a good ranking, you need to start doing good things and look out for potential mistakes. Fix the above problems and have some patience, and it will eventually get you a good ranking.