Have you been having eye problems recently? Things have been a little blurry, or you can’t seem to properly view the presentation in class anymore? Do you feel like there’s something wrong with your eyes? Then you should probably try something like Acuvue contacts. You might be thinking, should I get glasses? Is there any real difference? Are contacts the way to go? Glasses may be a good way to aid in your vision problems, but they are nothing like contacts. Contacts provide various pros that surely would get you to want them more than the average glasses. Of course, it is entirely your choice on what truly fits you, especially your lifestyle, but if you’re interested in contacts, there’s no real harm in trying them out.

Below are just a few reasons why you should get contacts instead of glasses.

They’re Lighter

The major differences between contacts and lenses are their weight and thickness. Naturally, lenses are lighter since they go directly inside your eyes. Of course, you can’t just shove glasses sized lenses in your eye if you develop eye problems. Lenses make for a more convenient way to see. They can also be conveniently stored and packed. Aside from that, since they are lighter and go directly over your eyes, you wouldn’t have problems looking for your “glasses” and pondering where you left them, especially if you’re a little clumsy.

Wider View

When you put lenses on, you cover the part of the eye that lets you see and look around, which of course, enables you to have a wider view of your surroundings since no such obstruction is covering your face. Sure, glasses do their job and do extremely well in letting you see, but the frame gets in the way sometimes, and you see it in your line of vision from time to time. It feels as if you don’t have anything on your face with lenses.  At times you won’t even know the difference between you are wearing contacts or not.

Moves With Your Eyes

As lenses provide a wider view for your vision, the lenses also move with your eyes, allowing you to have a better perspective around you and ensure that you can see from all angles, which also makes sure that you get to live your life as if you don’t have vision problems whatsoever. Just like previously mentioned, glasses are a great tool for aiding in vision problems, yet they are too noticeable and restricts an amount of vision from you. You cannot see from all angles, unlike with the lenses, and you can’t really get the best experience out of them, especially if you accidentally lose them. Lenses stay with you and stick to your eyes until you properly take them out for the day, which is extremely beneficial if you do many active things daily.

Does Not Fog Up

Everyone with glasses has had this problem way too often — glasses fogging up. You might be drinking something hot and the steam invades your eyesight all of a sudden. Though it might not be the biggest problem in the world, it sure becomes annoying as it happens more than you expected. Of course, contacts don’t have this problem. If they did, there is something seriously wrong with your eyes. But on the normal note, because contacts sit directly on your eyes, there is no room for fogging up whatsoever. Enjoy the clear view of the world without having to furiously wipe at your specs every time they fog up for some reason. Lenses are truly the way to go, especially for easily annoyed people by doing this task.


Getting contacts like Acuvue contacts is a great alternative to bulky glasses that you wear every day. They’re light, gives you a wider view, moves along with your eyes and don’t even fog up like how glasses do. They’re perfect for you, especially if you don’t want to wear something extremely noticeable. So what are you waiting for? Get your lenses now!


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