Explore Heritage And Culture Of Sharjjah From City Tour

I have heard a lot from my friends about local culture, tradition, skyscraping buildings, brilliant architecture, and spectacular deserts of Sharjah (the pearl of gulf). It built an unquenchable thirst in my heart to explore Sharjah. So, I packed my bag and booked a flight for Sharjah.  To explore the astonishing landscape of Sharjah, I browsed many pages and found an appropriate deal. My 5 hours city tour for Sharjah city started picking me up from my hotel around 9:30 am. I will explain one by one about all places I visited this tour.

BuhairahCorniche:it is one of the fabulous places for sightseeing in Sharjah. There were plenty of coffee shops, café, and exotic restaurants from where I had my delectable breakfast. The 4 km long strect and beautiful scenery looks soothing to eyes and relaxing to walk alongside of waterfront. The best desert safari company in Sharjah also helps you find an affordable and enjoyable deal.

Al Noor Mosque: there was no entrance fee for this mosque. It was located near BuhairahCorniche and I was amazed after looking at minarets and dome that have beautifully intricate calligraphy on it. The verses of Holy Quran on arches and pillars were a source of inspiration for me and reminded me about old Islamic civilization. I took pictures there.

King Faisal Mosque: during my city tour from Sharjah, I felt spiritual emotions after visiting this grandeur mosque. The lofty minarets, beautiful floral designs of walls and floor, and high pillars were looking very impressive. The lush green gardens surrounding this mosque also enhance its beauty. I was very much inspired from the iconic architecture of this mosque. Although this mosque has not opened its doors for non-Muslim visitors but still it is a source of attraction for tourists.

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Al Hisn Fort:the fortified traditional rocks surrounding this museum were depicting the true heritage and history of Arab world. The Watchtower, Weapons Gallery, Majlis, Al Ghurfah, and Kabs tower are worthy to watch at least once. I took me back into old days during city tour from Sharjah.

Souk Al Arsa: this traditional souq was located near the Sharjah Creek. There were a lot of shops where I bought carpets, spices, vignette, lamps, and several other antique goods. Those charming and traditional shops tempted me a lot. I also bought some sweets and halwa from there. As I was tired of walking so, I went in coffee shop and enjoy savory coffee with some muffins as well.

Sharjah Heritage Museum: it is perfect blend of customs, rituals, and tradition. The traditional poems, music, and religious values were displayed beautifully there.

Souk Al Markazi:this picnic friendly destination has long stretches to walk. This conyemporary market fascinated me with its traditional touch.

This marvelous tour was ended around 2:30 pm and I was totally lost in impressive architecture and heritage of Sharjah city. Moreover, you can also enjoy exciting desert safari adventure by booking the best desert safari company in Sharjah.