The Expert’s Guide to cob led lights Tactics

COB is simply the acronym for Chip-on-Board, and as the call indicates, these lighting fixtures come with LEDs instilled immediately at the board. Several LED lights are incorporated on a single board, and they seem like a unified light source.

This is the principle difference that distinguishes COB lights from the opposite LED lighting that is typically used. This is likewise the main motive why they’re some distance greater useful than regular LED lighting fixtures.

There are various factors that you want to bear in mind while choosing your cob light. Therefore, below is the shopping for a guide explaining key points that you want to maintain in thoughts earlier than you purchase the fine cob light.

Light Intensity and Spectrum:

The most critical element that influences your plant increase is the intensity of mild, in particular flowering plants. We suggest COB LED is most effective in the back of HPS, it has a robust mild output than any different mild, even the conventional LED grow lighting fixtures.

  • This present-day led grow light together with COB LEDs is nicely-known for its widest spectrum wavelengths.
  • Some bulbs additionally consist of 12-color spectrum colorations with IR infrared rays and UR ultraviolet rays.

The Output and Save Power:

Heat output is also a strong factor of COB LED. Recent technology allows these LEDs to produce sturdy mild output with higher control. Some high-give up COBs also use a nice substrate, drivers, fans, which keeps the warmth to the lowest.


Most cobs LED grow lighting fixtures have a terrific lifespan. Consider one which lasts for extra hours so that you do not make investments on them regularly.

  • Mainly COBs can last from 30,000 – 60,000 hours. This is much higher than different grow lights.

Reliability And Durability:

LED lights got a variety of limelight because they lasted longer than regular lights. But the COB LED lighting fixtures have beaten the LED lighting fixtures in terms of durability. Even though buying COB LED lighting fixtures may seem like a high-priced decision within the beginning due to the fact they fee greater than everyday LED lights, however within the lengthy run, it’s a better choice due to the fact they remain longer.

  • They are a one-time investment on the way to ultimate you for a more extended period.


So we have provided you with a listing of some of the first-class COB LED grow lighting inside the market. The list has fashioned with exceptional outputs and features for you to pick from. Alternatively, there’s a buying manual to additionally help you pick the COB LED grow light so one can suffice your needs.

A COB LED grow light that promises a properly balanced full-spectrum light that mimics daylight and has a high PAR cost and a powerful warmness dissipation gadget along with a low jogging value and an excessive lifespan is all that you need.