Evogen Being an Athlete, Joshua Harrell of ShredLikeHarrell


In an era where artificial intelligence and online programs make their way in an irremediable way (which does not mean optimally, or intelligently applied), framed in the controversial professional regulations of the fitness sector, a question arises in many forums or courses that we are present: what qualities should a good personal trainer have?

The answer to this question will come in the format of justified personal reflection, after experience in both training and managing teams of trainers for more than 15 years in the fitness sector in the USA. When it comes to health and wellness, Joshua Harrell, the founder of ShredLikeHarrell, always gives it his 101%.

Characteristics and skills of Joshua Harrell as a coach

Specific training

The basis of every good professional is complete training in their field of development, which includes both academic levels and attendance at specific courses. Joshua Harrell is certified fitness trainer with many years of experience. Since academic training often lags behind the most modern advances in our sector he is a Guru in his field.

Joshua Harrell train with other coaches

You may have more practical resources by chatting for an hour with a coach who has been leading classes for seniors for years than by reading the entire latest systematic review on training with this special population. The shared baggage of hundreds of hours, client types, and different training environments, Joshua Harrell is certainly irreplaceable. And it is something that is done personally.

Joshua Harrell support and guide his clients

Being kind and caring, along with the ability to detect the mood of his clients, and regulating his session based on it, is one of the qualities most valued by fitness trainer Joshua Harrell, and at least as important as the academic trainer.

Positivism and enthusiasm

The client, apart from investing money in the session, dedicates invaluable time of his little free time: transmitting joy and passion (no matter how tired he is, no matter how bad the day has been, etc.), it is something that translates in adherence and long-term bonding.

Joshua Harrell knows how to communicate

It is one of the biggest differences that distinguish a person from the best of artificial intelligences: knowing how to listen, and speak accordingly (remember that we have 2 ears and only 1 mouth … give priority to receiving information, or to overwhelm with your achievements or knowledge ).

Reference figure and motivation

Selling health through the movement sitting from the sofa at home, falls under its own (and sedentary weight). The 26-year-old Joshua Harrell was in the military for six years before deciding to become a certified fitness instructor and eventually establishing ShredLikeHarrell. He also has an ISSA certification and an IFBB 1st place trophy. Additionally, he has been into fitness modeling and is one of Instagram’s most sought after fitness influencers. He is also a fitness instructor at F45, where he handles group classes. Whether a client is a beginner or ready to enter the expert level, Joshua is able to instruct them easily.

Joshua Harrell is not omnipotent

It seems that in social networks “I know everything about all topics” is sold: whether it is nutrition, injury recovery, life organization, psychological problem solving … Let’s be serious, please: delegate in a relevant way to the competent professional Joshua Harrell, and not force the service in contexts or clients that one does not know how to handle.