Everything you need to know about paint by numbers

paint by numbers (malen nach zahlen) is a painting process where the picture is divided into different shapes, where each of them is marked with a different number from each other signifying the color that should be used for that section or shape. After the painting of each section is complete, it turns into a complete paint by numbers photo (malen nach zahlen foto).


There has been many critics towards the painting by numbers system for being too simple and uncreative. However, we believe it is a very effective method of painting that creates the actual concept of painting in the minds of its users. These sections don’t really make any sense until the painting is concluded.

The process also helps develop a painter’s sense to see color shapes. It gives you an eye for detail and helps you focus very well thereby producing a perfect completed work.

What’s inside a painting by numbers kit

A painting by numbers kit contains a brush set, little pots of paint with different colors that you will need to complete the painting. It doesn’t come in so much quantity but is definitely enough to complete your painting by numbers painting. But nothing stops you from using any paints you have in your house. However, make sure that you check the paints before using them. Several kits come with either acrylic, or oil paints, there are several other painting by number kits that come with water colors or crayons and paint pencils.

Acrylic paints are better to use though, because it dries off quickly and you can easily wash it off the brush with ease.


How to paint according to the numbers

Painting by colour can be tiring and sometimes you’d want to be in a hurry to finish it up. But here’s a simple trick you can use to finish up in time. Start with painting bigger shapes and sections then slowly move to the smaller ones till you finish it completely. Painting from big to small helps prevent smudges and silly accidents.

Using the right brush is also important when painting. Smaller sections will require smaller brushes do you don’t make mistakes or draw out of the line. It giveyu control of the brush and work.


Some tips and tricks to follow while painting with numbers

Always make sure that the brush you are using is the right one for the shape to enable you paint properly. Start with the darker sections then slowly move to the light colors and leave sections that will need you to mix colors till you’re done. This helps you learn about how color tones and chroma has.

Always keep water close by to help you wash of the brush quickly and a hand towel too.

Make sure not to splash water around so you don’t affect your painting and destroy your paint brush tip. Don’t paint with so much pressure. Be gently and paint with grace. This will a go a long way for your paint work.