Nowadays you can get insurance for everything. But in a world of business, getting insurance of your machinery, and assets can go a long way in covering your losses and give you better backing on your business. If you have a business where you need to maintain a fleet of vehicles, then cheap fleet insurance can cover the damage that your vehicle might get into in an unforeseen event. Let’s learn more about it.

What is Fleet Insurance?


Like health insurance, car insurance, and other insurance policies, fleet insurance is also a type of policy for businesses that keep multiple vehicles (collectively called a fleet). This policy is to ensure this fleet.

One major advantage of motor fleet insurance or any other fleet insurance is that you can insure multiple vehicles at once, instead of having dozens of car/ motor fleet insurance. Insure and renew one business fleet insurance from time to time, even if you keep multiple drivers.


How does a business Fleet Insurance works?

Any premium or cheap commercial fleet insurance works by covering under one policy all your vehicles that are registered in your company/ director/ partner’s name.

Depending upon the size of your business and operations, motor fleet insurance can be divided into two parts:


  • Large fleets – You might be running a tour, travel, or cab service. In such a case, you have a comparatively larger fleet with hundreds of vehicles. You may compare fleet insurances and buy cheap business fleet insurance keeping in mind the coverage in insurance.


  • Small fleets— Businesses on a local level may also have a fleet of two-twenty or more vehicles. You can quote fleet insurance prices and secure your mini fleet easily.


Which things are covered in Fleet Insurance cover?

Well, it depends from firm to firm, but a business fleet insurance company generally provides protection from:

  • Damage of, or loss to, your vehicles
  • In cases of breakdowns, accidents, the company will recover the vehicle.
  • Pays legal fees on your behalf
  • Covers the damage of a vehicles’ windscreens and windows
  • If keys are stolen, replacement locks are made available by the company.
  • If you, your passenger, your driver are hurt in an accident in your vehicle during an accident, then it is covered in medical expenses by the company.


Companies providing cheap fleet insurance understand that business needs can be complicated. That’s why Fleet Insurance under a price is provided for:


  • Protecting personal belongings that are lost/ damaged in a vehicle insured in the policy you’ve bought.
  • Trailers that are connected to or attached with the vehicle insured under the policy.


Please note that all the advantages listed above are subject to the policy you choose and compare.


What types of vehicles can I insure under motor fleet insurance?

The multiple types of vehicles needed for a smooth operation vary from business to business. That’s why Fleet Insurance covers diverse kinds of vehicles such as:

  • Taxis
  • Cars
  • HGVs
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Minibus
  • Vans