Everything You Need to Know about Card game

A deck or pack of playing cards is used to play a Card game (เกมไพ่แคง) where the card has two sides one is face and the other is back.

Types of Card game


Generally, in rummy, you can see this type of card game, where you have to match the cards before your opponent does it. You can do this by drawing and discarding the cards.


Multiple rounds or tricks will be played in this type of game, where from their hand every player will play, and depending on the value of the card you may take the trick. There are many ways to make the cards using tricks, depending upon the trick you use you will be winning and you are supposed to use different tricks for different games.


You should be the first to discard all cards from others’ hands. This is the object of the shedding, some of the matching games are also called shedding.

Catch and collect

In the Catch and collect type of games you need to acquire all cards in the deck, and depending upon how fast you do it you will win and earn.


Here you have to choose a card from the layout of the table and match them with the card in your hand, fishing is mostly played as a card game where your tricks will help you to win.


In this type of game, you will be comparing the cards in your hand and start earning or losing in the game.


They are played by one player, you can find the specific layout of cards. These are played by many as they don’t have any opponents one can test them how far they are can play the game or can even choose this type of gaming for entertainment and relaxation.


From more than one type you find many card games borrow elements, there may be a combination of many in these types and who is good at different types of card games can play this type of game where you can use many tricks and tips from various games and win.


This is purely based on the strategy between the players who play and each player will be having their own built deck. The cards in this type of gaming will be having different effects.

Casino เกมไพ่แคง

Here in this type of card game, you will be able to start betting online and start earning, you may be on the winning or losing side based on how your strategy works, and these are mostly used types of card games around the world.


It is a universally known card game where you find it as the gambling game, based on the ranking system the card in your hand will be valued and you can even learn how to deal with these card games.

You can find room class as follow:

New player class with a minimum bet of 20 – 1000 baht.

Professional class with a minimum bet of 100 – 5000 baht.

Class Sian with a minimum bet of 200 – 10000 baht.

In these card games, you can choose that type of game that is suitable for your skills and you just need to register through the online portal and start playing and earn money.