Europe Plastic Packaging Market is expected to reach US$ 73 Bn by 2030

Even as manufacturers in the Europe plastic packaging market in some cases are reaching the limits in terms of capacity, suppliers in the automotive industry are being confronted with a considerable drop in demand during the pandemic. This signals how differently the coronavirus outbreak is affecting the plastic packaging industry. Stakeholders in the food industry are working under high pressure to secure supplies for the European population, while packaging demand in industrial applications and the gastronomy sector is witnessing a decline.

Mass inoculation with COVID-19 vaccines is anticipated to revive growth of the Europe plastic packaging market, as stakeholders in various end-use industries are expected to start working in full capacity and consumers would increase their spending by mid-2021. Although suppliers are increasing efforts to fulfill client orders, corona-related restrictions such as reduced personnel numbers and short-time working hours are affecting business activities.

europe plastic packaging market segmentation

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Bioplastics, Recycled Plastics Help Companies to Comply with Plastic Regulations

The Europe plastic packaging market is projected to grow at a modest CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period. Plastic has been under great scrutiny for increasing the environmental footprint. Stringent regulations on plastic have compelled manufacturers to innovate in bioplastics consisting of plant-based materials including corn, which is broken down into PLA (Polylactic Acid) to produce drinks bottles, food-grade containers, and films.

The growing demand for cruelty-free, paraben-free, and natural ingredients in beauty produced has led to an extensive use of recyclable plastic bottles with outer shell made from high performance strong fiber. Such trends are reducing the use of plastic materials and help companies to adhere to stringent plastic regulations.

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CEFLEX Guidelines Help Advance in Multi-material Products, Flexible Packaging

Plastic materials are increasing the ecological footprint. However, it is potentially challenging to completely replace plastic in packaging applications and will take several years. Manufacturers in the Europe plastic packaging market are adhering to guidelines laid down by CEFLEX (The Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging), involving SUPRAVIS S.A. and other European countries that are reinventing consumer flexible packaging solutions. They are using various materials and polymers that contribute toward a circular economy.

Companies in the Europe plastic packaging market are anticipated to invest in research for the development of multi-material product profiles and validate their cleaning & processing in chemical recycling.

Medical, Optical Packaging Demands Experience in Blow and Injection Molding

Pharmaceutical & healthcare is predicted to dominate the second-highest revenue among all end uses in the Europe plastic packaging market. The market is expected to reach US$ 73 Bn by 2030. Manufacturers are gaining proficiency in new product design, engineering services using CAD (Computer-Aided Design), and affordable short prototyping to expand revenue streams in pharmaceutical & healthcare applications.

Extensive experience in blow molding and injection molding is helping companies in the Europe plastic packaging market to unlock growth opportunities in medical, military, optical, and aerospace applications. They are increasing their production capabilities in sealable solid plastic containers that prevent foreign elements from contaminating the medicine within.

Vivid Graphics Using Custom Cosmetics Packaging Boost Brand Visibility

The custom cosmetics packaging is helping brands to stand out from other competitive products in supermarkets and increases brand visibility. Companies in the Europe plastic packaging market are innovating in designs that cater to the modern beauty consumer. This is being achieved with excellent graphics and right packaging format that help to accurately reflect the brand’s persona. Custom services in plastic packaging for beauty products incorporate the brand’s preferred color palette, icons, font styles, images, and the likes.

Excellent clean lines and perfect alignment of vivid graphics are being provided by manufacturers in the Europe plastic packaging market. They are increasing the availability of eco-friendly flexible cosmetic packaging solutions. Specialized features including micro-perforations are being incorporated in cosmetic packaging to allow for aeration of special products.

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