Is anyone passionate about battle games? Then he can play Dota 2. It is a wonderful masterpiece for deadly battles and supports multiplayer mode. Different levels and stages we will see in the gameplay, but before anything, we should concern about basic things. The game is created by Valve and suitable for Microsoft windows. We can easily connect with worldwide gamers and participate in big tournaments. The winning amounts in the championships are very high. The game is free to play, so you can start online with the Steam or official website.

Without currency and resources, we cannot get legal success in the game. It is important to complete the guide for it, and the internet is infested with various guides for it. Some blogs and videos are present for our help. Getting improvement is a challenging task for everyone, but dota 2 mmr boosting can solve lots of problems in the game. The booster tools are specially designed for the game, and you can use them by login with a correct account. Here we are going to discuss vital currencies and rewards.

Major currency of the game

The currency of the game can give us an instant hike, and we can collect and buy it anytime. Today various official stores are available for that, and you can be a big player with it, so you should not skip the free amounts.


It is the main currency in the game, and subscribers easily collect it. There are lots of challenging battles for it, and we can use it multiple times for leveling up. By the currency, the players can purchase exciting rewards and gears. In the game, you will see one online store for it, and there you can only buy with shards.

Obtaining shards is possible with different actions, so be aware of that. Do not miss any chance to collect a big amount of currency. In the beginning, no one can be perfect so wait for the right time. By winning around three matches in a week can be a nice way to earn the shards. The player will receive the best amount with the battle cup also. When your hero level up in the gameplay, then you get 4000 to 9000 shards easily.

Understand about rewards 

Rewards are directly connected to resources, so we have to be serious about them. A big number of resources can make your fighting easy. The player can survive long in battle rounds and kill more enemies.

Experience points- experience points are part of the battle, and the players can obtain them during the fights. By them, you can quickly enhance your level for pro heroes. Some external links for the Dota 2 MMR boosting is available for great levels for the players.

Health level- it is an important parameter for the hero and tries to manage it on a high level. If your health meter down, then your hero will be terminated in the battle rounds.



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