eSports need to be an academic subject says MrSoomro, the leading gamer of Pakistan.

With the tremendous fan following that MrSoomro enjoys, he might soon make his dream of introducing eSports in curriculum a reality.

22 year old, MrSoomro is a known name in the world of gaming and is regarded as one of the best gaming influencers in Pakistan. He has announced that he wants to initiate the introduction of electronic sports (eSports) as an official subject in the academic study of Pakistan’s school curriculum. When asked about what made him think of this idea, he says, “Many countries across the globe like Philippines and many others have welcomed the idea of introducing eSports as a subject. In fact Philippines already has college programs which is devoted to eSports and one of the biggest reasons is that it has gained much popularity worldwide and is definitely getting serious in the Middle East too from the past few years.”

MrSoomro enjoys immense popularity in the digital world with over 250,000 followers on social media alone, making him one of the leading online personalities of present time. This kind of fan following is enough to boost his confidence in making his dream come true. He strongly feels that this is a right time for his country to accept eSports as an official subject that can be incorporated in the study material by the education board. “Many countries have already embraced this idea, and I am sure Pakistan will soon follow suit, as I believe eSports is not just played for fun, but has become big business currently and it can become one of the major reasons to contribute to the country’s economy,” says the expert gamer.

He says that different parts of the world are picking up eSports in a big way, specially the Arabian region. MrSoomro says, “it is unbelievable, but the Arab world has emerged as one of the topmost countries who have excelled in this sport. According to a leading Arab daily, eSports is on the verge of becoming one of the most played sport in the country and that stands true in every sense as we have Arab players who are on the top of every game.” it’s a fact that Lebanese player Maroun ‘GH’ Merhej is on the top of the ‘Dota2’ game, and his partnership with Amer “Miracle” Al-Barkawi, the Jordanian/Polish gamer makes him the rank in the eighth place worldwide in terms of his earnings from eSports, having won over $3 million from 36 tournaments till date.

MrSoomro is well versed with playing PUBG Mobile, though he is all set to move on to different competitive gaming environments soon.

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