Enterprise Firewall Market 2024 Industry Analysis, Top Players, Revenue and Market Share Report

Firewall is the network security system which controls the network traffic incoming and outgoing according to the set of defined rules. Firewall acts as a middle layer between trusted and untrusted networks and filters the network traffic based on the predefined firewall policy. Enterprise firewalls are used for a group of devices within an enterprise. All the devices in this group would only have access to specific networks according to the organizational policies.

New policies adopted by enterprises such as bring your own device (BYOD), cloud computing are exposing the networks of an enterprise to the outside world. This has resulted in increased threats to enterprise security. Employees working on the field must carry devices with them and connect to outside networks, further increasing the security threats. Organizations are evaluating their network security in order to improve their network security structure. Enterprise firewall is the choice of many companies to overcome the security concerns driving the enterprise firewall market globally.

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Government regulations and compliance requirements forced the enterprises to opt for enterprise firewalls. This is a key driving factor for enterprise firewall market growth. To comply with the information security standards companies must implement highest level of security measures. Enterprises are opting for the next generation firewall (NGFW) to leverage the benefits of easy operation within complex networks. NGFW is best suitable for large enterprises with complex networking infrastructure. However, lack of awareness about the network security could pose a challenge for the growth of enterprise firewall market.

Small and medium business (SMBs) segment is slowly adopting the enterprise firewall technology. Cost effective and customized firewall solutions are expected to provide tremendous growth opportunities for enterprise firewall market in the coming years. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is the current trend in the enterprise firewall market. SaaS-based solutions provide easy installation and up gradation with scanning functionality for the enterprises. Enterprises are saving costs by implementing SaaS-based enterprise firewall solutions.

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Enterprise firewall market is segmented on the basis of type, deployment mode and organization size. On the basis of type, the market is segmented into conventional firewall, application firewall and next generation firewall (NGFW). Based on deployment mode, the enterprise firewall market is segmented into on-premise and cloud deployment. In terms of organization size the market is segmented into small and medium enterprises and large enterprises. On the basis of geography, the global enterprise firewall market is segmented into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. North America is predicted to experience significant growth among all regional segments in the coming years, due to the presence of large number of enterprises and strict government regulations.

The global enterprise firewall market is highly competitive in nature and is marked with the presence of several international and domestic key players. Major players in the enterprise firewall market include Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Barracuda Networks, IBM Internet Security Systems, WatchGuard Technologies, McAfee, Inc. (Intel Security), Fortinet, Inc., Huawei Technologies and Imperva, Inc.

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