Encryption Software Market To Experience A Hike In Growth By 2030

Software companies around the world have been rapidly adopting encryption software to boost business proficiency and improve data security. Software-based encryption is one of the fastest-emerging solutions for end-point data security. The growing concerns of data breaches and privacy compliance regulations are making companies keener to adopt software-based encryption solutions to achieve compliance, improved data security, and better flexibility in operations. Additionally, the global market for encryption software is also gaining impetus from the increasing adoption of the latest technologies such as cloud, virtualization, and mobility.

Encryption software helps in protecting the confidentiality of the information stored in folders and files and data travelling over networks or data in-transit as per the compliance and security requirements of an organization. It encrypts and decrypts data at-rest and data-in-transit using software. Hence, by rendering the data unreadable even to the person authorized, encryption software helps enhance the security of confidential data. The adoption of encryption software is therefore expected to increase in response to the increasing incidence of cyber-attacks.

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The report presents insights into various factors encouraging and inhibiting the global market for encryption software. Using industry-leading analytical tools, it analyzes factors affecting the market’s growth trajectory over the forecast period. The impact of the prevailing competitive landscape and government policies is also studied in the report in detail. In order to present a holistic overview of the competitive landscape of the global encryption software market, the report also profiles some of the leading players operating therein.

Encryption Software Market: Key Trends and Opportunities

A staggering amount of data is generated on a daily basis with the growing incorporation of mobile and cloud-based devices across enterprises, thereby increasing apprehensions related to data security. Additionally, organizations have become more vulnerable to data breach, loss, theft, cyber-attacks, and commercial espionage. Hence, companies have begun prioritizing data security more than ever with the escalating strength of commercial espionage across industries.

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Additionally, while the widespread adoption of personal computers has in many ways made life simpler, it has also widened the scope for security breaches. The surging number of computer hackers attempting to break into organizational, industrial, or government networks with the intent of pilfering essential information for monetary gains has been the primary reason behind the increasing adoption of encryption software. Additionally, the growing trend of bring your own device (BYOD) policies at work and increased penetration of mobile devices across enterprises have augmented the risk of data loss among organizations. This has, in turn, made implementing encryption software imperative for secure data transmission.

The business ecology around the world is becoming more dynamic in response to the growing receptivity toward the latest technologies, such as social media, cloud, and mobility, thus increasing the volume of the data generated across these enterprises. This increasing uptake of mobile devices across enterprises further makes critical data susceptible to loss and theft. Encryption software solutions are therefore increasingly demanded across organizations for safeguarding business data.

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Global Encryption Software Market: Key Players

The most prominent encryption providers, including Symantec, Microsoft, Sophos, Check Point Software Technologies, and Trend Micro, already offer advanced encryption solutions, depending on the specific needs of their clients. Besides, several other technology providers are also developing and innovating techniques related to advanced encryption that can also incorporate organizational data to provide robust data security. Additionally, with cloud service providers offering cloud-based encryption solutions to companies and organizations, the global market for encryption software is poised to surge exponentially in the near future.

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