Eloway ; Young artists are emerging in the music industry

Eloway Music (actual name Joselito Fernandez) is an American-born (August 1, 1992) musician, artist and Instagram figure living in Ponce Puerto Rico. Initially, he started his career as a musician, and later developed his career as a chief, lyricist, singer, open character, rapper and producer. Later he improved his abilities and continued to learn new talents. .

Introducing Industry Professional Eloway

Eloway Music first discovered his voice at the age of 13 (after moving from Puerto Rico to Boston, Massachusetts). He has worked with well-known craftsmen such as Alex Kyza.

The proliferation of Latin music from Puerto Rico was promoted by experts such as Eloway. He is one of the experts who quickly demonstrated his talents in the advanced music industry. As more and more people become familiar with this surprising course, this is mainly because of the online network stage, this battle has become so prominent all over the world

Personal health and education

Fernandez had 12 relatives, and his parents divided the streets, which led to a fight the following year. Fernandez School is affiliated with Fitchburg Elementary School, Sky Sea High School and Leominster High School. He dropped out of school and never finished school.

He also has an estimated 29,000 Instagram followers, which promotes his public image. You can follow him through the web media platform to stay up to date with almost every startup. Her Instagram account also contains a lot of highlights, this text also contains some great music that she has released and looks at the music she wants to post.

 What new projects are you currently working on?

Currently working Maldys new first album as a solo artist called SICALIPSIS. Also working with Gregorio Pernia with his international .

What led to you getting your start in music management?

Always knew I loved music, music to me is emotion.

How do you balance life as an artist and Co-Manager?

Always time for everything in life, work to inspire not to show off. 

What have you learned from the music industry that could help up and coming artist?

Maintain real, business is more then talent, build relationships, be mindful how you respect others. 

How do you feel about artist being independent vs signing to a label?

All comes to business, many labels will push the artist to another level depending on the label. 

What tips do you have for artist on money management?

Save your money, we get old. Invest, and always follow your heart. 


Popular social networks

Although popular on Instagram, it also appears on other online social media platforms such as TikTok. These levels are a great way for fans to train daily and stay in touch with the latest music and moments.

Latin American music studies are becoming increasingly popular and Eloway Music is one of the great scholars of this great reputation. This way, you can follow the styles and follow Elway Music on all levels of the online network, so you don’t miss the opportunity to listen to high quality music.


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