Ekol Hospitals The Most Modern Medical Facilities And Technology

Ekol Hospitals are proudly serving through their experienced health staff and is equipped with the most modern medical facilities and technology, with all units that include 9 operating rooms and 150 bed capacity. Ekol hospitals were established in Çiğli for a healthy life in a central area of the country and easily accessible location which is aiming to carry the society to healthier days. All thanks to its uncompromising staff, corporate structure from the ethical principles, its comfortable rooms, experienced and have a positive attitude at all times, its medical personnel who are well-informed, and it’s academic and modern medical facilities.

They are changing lives of patients to a better path and the staff at the hospital including doctors, nurses and international patients department is happy to see patients with a happy face after the treatment and recovery of their diseases. They tried their best to not only treat them but also encourage them to start their lives with a completely new way. The hospitals were established in Çiğli for a healthy life in a central and easily accessible location to make it accessible for everyone. It is aiming to carry the society to healthier days. Its experienced staff have positive attitude all times no matter what the situation is and how critical it is to deal the patient they always maintain positivity in their behavior which helps the patients to gain hope for life.  It’s academic and modern medical facilities is also the reason of its familiarity and success.

International department at the hospital offers a variety of services to its international patients. The services they are providing at its international departments include diagnostic services, billing, consultations, and insurance, travel and lodging arrangements and language interpretation. It’s professional team consisting of professors, associate professors, more than 60 experienced physicians, assistant professors and specialist physicians who are offering special services and accepts patients from Aegean Region, Turkey and all around the world. They offer their services at international level through agency agreements, discount packages and special agreements in the field of health tourism. Ekol Hospital proudly carries the title of being the special hospital of Turkey that has more than 500 experienced employees in all branches.

About the EKOL hospitals:

Ekol International Hospitals were founded in 2007 in İzmir, Turkey. They are serving and offering diagnosis and treatment opportunities to its patients for 15 years with its more than 70 doctors consisting of professors and 6 associate professors, assistant health personnel and strong technological infrastructure service. It is known for its comprehensive and compassionate approach to patient care and it is leading the way in preventing, diagnosing and treating with state-of-the-art technology and medications combined with a personalized patient-focused approach to healthcare.

With all the precautionary measures they are also serving in this critical time. Personal protection equipment are used by the medical staff 24/7. Patients are also given disinfectants and personal protection equipment before entering our hospital.

 For more information please visit the website: www.ekolhospitals.com