Education ERP Market is expected to rise rapidly as automation is emerging as a major trend

ERP, enterprise resource planning, helps companies in the management of all their resources and thus it contributes a key role in streamlining their priorities. Over the period of recent few years, there is noteworthy growth in the adoption of ERP software by companies from all across the globe. One of the key factors driving this software adoption is its ability to assist organizations in gaining complete synopsis of their operations, which are of prime importance for achieving efficient and transparent operations.

With consistent growth in population in the world, number of private colleges across the globe is increasing at moderate pace. Besides, a significant growth in demand for transparent operations is observed across education sector. At the same time, the organizations operating in the education sector are experiencing high level of competition in order to get grants and advance the education quality. All these factors are likely to boiling down into increased adoption of education ERP systems.

The companies engaged in the global education ERP’s market are growing focus toward advancing the quality of the product and services they offer. This aim is driving them toward investing more in research and development activities. Moving forward, many enterprises are concentrating toward offering products at reasonable prices. On the back of all these efforts, the education ERP’s market is foreseen to expand at promising pace in the years to come.

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Education ERP Market: An Overview

The education ERP market might be new to the scene, however ERP softwares have been proven effective and successful in many other sectors already. ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning, which ideally manages an organization’s all resources to streamline its priorities. ERP software helps private companies get an overview of their operations, which is critical for transparent and efficient operations. Large number of private colleges, growing demand for transparent operations, and increasing competition to gain grants to improve the quality of education are expected to drive the education ERP market in the near future.

The education ERP market is its nascent stages and promises plenty of opportunities for all market players in the near future. While innovation and quality of ERP software is a key differentiator among larger players, quality of service and costs remain major attractions for smaller players.

The report on global education ERP market is aimed at narrating the prevailing trends and gauge future opportunities. It includes the most insightful information regarding growth opportunities and main challenges. Thorough analysis on fundamental competitive threat is a crucial part of the global education ERP market report.

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Education ERP Market: Key Trends

Automation is expected to emerge as a major trend in the education ERP market. Academic institutions much like large consumer driven industries like insurance are riddled with several administrative costs related to routine procedures. This includes processes such as admissions, class enrollments, placement management, payroll and many others. This not only increases redundant costs for private institutes but also places various burdens on professors and takes valuable time away from them, which could ideally be utilized for students and research. Hence, automation is expected to drive significant growth for the education ERP market during 2018-2026.

Many private colleges are run by parent organizations and supervised by administrative staff. As the staff keeps changing occasionally, and financial priorities in the same manner. However, for an institute to grow, it is important over the long run to maintain its financial records in a reliable and safe manner. Similarly, transparency in these finances give better information to new administrators to change or realign new financial goals. Hence, cloud management is also on the rise in the education ERP market. This also provides a tremendous potential for growth as it AI and big data analytics can be coupled with ERP software to provide intelligent insights to educators.

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Education ERP Market: Regional Outlook

Education ERP market is expected to witness robust growth on global level as the market players are still far away from tapping into numerous potential opportunities. However, growth in the education ERP market is expected to be led by North America region.  Existence of several major players in the region, increasing investments in innovation, and growing adoption in the region are expected to drive growth of the market. The education ERP market in Europe is also expected to register significant growth during 2018-2026.

Growing adoption, awareness and rising demand for ERP products in the region are expected to drive growth of the market. Asia Pacific is expected to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period. Large IT industry in the region, growing investment in educational infrastructure, and rising demand for ERP softwares is expected to drive growth in this region.

Education ERP Market: Competitive Dynamics

The education ERP market depicts an extremely fragmented and competitive landscape. There are numerous large and small players in the global education ERP market. The main players in the global ERP education market are Blackbaud, Inc., SAP AG, Dell Inc., Oracle Corporation, Epicor Software Corporation.

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