Whatever the option you need, whether you are looking for a portable or a fixed ramp, there are several alternatives on the market especially EZ Access Ramps, together with the aim to enrich the life of the world through access to life without obstacles. They provide a wide range of high-quality solutions to satisfy your needs. Today they would like to show you what options you have so that you can find the one that best suit your needs.

Fixed wheelchair ramp

It is possible that there is some place that you usually pass through that you need to smooth to be able to walk with your wheelchair without any danger, and it is not only that there are stairs, but also with a small unevenness in your way, already you risk falling out of your wheel chair. Installing a fixed ramp for your wheelchair will always make this easier for you, so you will not have to waste time assembling and disassembling the ramp; This can be at home or at your workplace, as they are the ones you will visit most regularly.

Portable wheelchair ramp

A portable ramp is one that is easily transported and that you can take yourself wherever you go. It will allow you to access places that may not have good accessibility and it will not take a great effort to get there. However, not all portable ramps clear all obstacles or slopes.

Types of easily assembled ramps for wheelchairs

In the market you can find a multitude of ramps for wheelchairs that can solve various scenarios; Some are bulkier than others, which will determine whether it is better to leave them fixed or treat them as portable. Some stairs, a threshold with a drop or a specific change in height in an area where you usually walk, can create the need to install a ramp.

Suitcase ramps:

This ramp is so called because when folded it has a handle that allows it to be transported comfortably as if it were a suitcase; they fold across the width, being very small, up to 37 centimeters. Once unfolded, it can reach 76 centimeters, being suitable for manual and electric wheelchairs. They are usually made of aluminum, so they are light and very resistant supporting up to 300 kg. In addition, it is common for them to have safety edges and their length will depend on the height they must overcome.

Roller ramps:

A roll-up ramp is easy to assemble and is perfect for it to remain fixed in a place where it usually travels. Its material is usually aviation aluminum, giving this ramp a unique strength and flexibility in any length, since they are modular and expandable, allowing you to add the sections you need. It is capable of supporting up to 400 kg, which makes it one of the most powerful alternatives.

Modular ramps:

Small obstacles that can be found, such as unevenness at the entrance to your home or in the shower, can be overcome with a modular ramp; their versatile design allows them to be installed in any inaccessible area. And it is that these ramps have to be assembled yourself, since they come in practical kits so that you can assemble them according to the length you need. They are an excellent option because they are made of very resistant materials and are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, their assembly is easy and fast and they are very light.

Telescopic ramps:

These ramps are suitable for different slopes because their length varies depending on the deployment you make. They take up very little space and although they are easy to transport, they are an excellent option as a fixed ramp. Its design consists of two rails; they are made of a very light and resistant material and have a non-slip surface.

V ramps:

Designed to overcome small obstacles, these lightweight and sturdy ramps fold in half and can be both single lanes and single lanes. We recommend that the ramp is always as long as possible and that the architectural barriers allow; your passage through it will be much safer.