Draught Fan Market 2024 : Projected For Healthy Growth Rate During The Forecast Period

Draught fans are extensively employed in thermal power plants, increasingly in coal-fired thermal power plants systems.  In these plants, they are used in several processes. There is growing demands for draught fans in applications of chamber combustion, heat transference to chimney, drawing out flue gases, among many others. The need for making combustion process efficient in draught fans has been bolstering the applications of draught fans and reinforcing new demand potential in the market. Moreover, they form a key industrial component in reducing the pollutants in combustion chambers and chimney. They further help in regulating furnace temperature and fuel consumption.

Key draught fans comprise forced draft and induced drafts. Growing use of draught fans as process fans in power plant operations is bolstering new prospects in the draught fans market. Various configurations of draught fans are boosting the market. Growing use of draught fans in fluidized bed combustion application in power plants has contributed to the growing sales and will keep contributing to the revenues in the draught fan market.

The global draught fans market is seeing new prospects on the back of rising consumption of energy. This is attributed to the need for bolstering production of power in a number of industrialized nations to meet the ever rising energy demands in industrial and commercial applications. Some of key regions in the draught fans market are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Rapid pace of industrialization in Asia has kept the market increasingly lucrative over the past few years.

Key end use industries are coal mines, chemical, textile, paper, and pharmaceuticals industries. Promising application areas are in cooling towers, ship ventilation, filling machines, and dirt removal.

Draught Fan Market: Introduction

A draught fan is a kind of industrial process fan. These are used widely in thermal power plants for carrying out different tasks such as supply of pulverized coal, preheating of air, regulating of combustion, sending flue gases into a burning chamber or chimney so as to reduce the level of pollutants, and superheating of steam. Draught fans are broadly classified into two types: induced draft (ID) fans and forced draft (FD) fans.

ID fans are used to reduce smoke and dust in a chamber or industrial boiler to draw flue gases from the chamber or industrial boiler out into the atmosphere. On the other hand, FD fans are employed to force the outside air into the chamber or chimney. Both forced draught fans and induced draught fans are used in thermal power plants for generating electricity from fossil fuels by creating gradient pressure in boilers and chimneys. Moreover, both types of fans are used to balance the air system in a thermal power plant, so as to make the burning process efficient.

Draught Fan Market: Company Profiles

Reitz India

Incorporated in 1998, Reitz India Limited is the world’s leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial fans. The company has its presence in terms of marketing, services, and sales across the globe. In addition to this, Reitz Group has its manufacturing warehouses in India, China, Switzerland, and Germany. Moreover, Reitz India Limited has collaborated with Konrad Reitz Ventilator GmbH, which is the largest manufacturer of centrifugal fans in Europe.

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Foshan Nanhai Jiake Fan Manufacture Co., Ltd. 

Established in 1949, Foshan Nanhai Jiake Fan Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a prominent player in China engaged in the manufacture and supply of air blowers and draught fans. The company is located in Foshan, China. Its products include Y6-30 Series boiler centrifugal fans, CFG Series piped low-noise fans, and DKT Series air-conditioned fans.

Some of the key players operating in the global draught fan market are AIRAP, Foshan Nanhai Jiake Fan Manufacture Co., Ltd., Sjerp & Jongeneel b.v., ECOTRENTINO Srl, Airtecnics, CBDOCTOR VENTILATORS PVT. LTD.  Reitz India, MULTIVENT ENGINEERS, Prism Tech Engineering Service & Trading LLC, AIRMAKE COOLING SYSTEM, Vebair Srl, and Stiavelli Irio Srl.

Increasing Demand for Draught Fans in Thermal Power Plants across the Globe

Increasing demand for energy consumption across the world is a key factor driving the global draught fan market. Draught fans are widely used in thermal power plants for carrying out several tasks such as supply of air required for combustion to the chamber, delivery of fuel to the burner, and circulating of gases to transfer heat to the chimney. Draught fans are normally employed to maintain the flow of gases in chambers or boilers of thermal power plants.

Additionally, draught fans are used as irreplaceable and essential components of thermal power plants. According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the U.S. is the world’s second-largest producer of electricity, while India the third-largest producer as well as consumer of electricity in the world. This, in turn, indicates growth potential for the draught fan market in these countries during the forecast period.

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Global Draught Fan Market: Segmentation

The global draught fan market can be segmented in terms of:

  • Product
  • Application
  • Pressure
  • Types of Fan
  • Power Capacity
  • End- Use Industry
  • Region

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