Is DrakeMall Real? – How users sharing prizes won in mystery boxes


Do you want to make online shopping more fun, interesting and fascinating? Moreover, do you want to pay less for the things you need? In that case, Drake Mall is a wonderful option for you. Actually, DrakeMall is a mystery box website that enables users to open different virtual mystery boxes (like loot boxes in video games) and get random gifts. There are numerous categories of boxes with cheap and really expensive stuff. The most coolest thing is that all prizes are real and they will be shipped within the shortest delay.


A quick introduction to – what is it?

Generally speaking, Drake Mall is a real-life loot box website where people can buy or win different stuff. The procedure goes as follows: an internet user creates an account, verifies it (using internal KYC system provided by Shufitpro to exclude underaged players), makes a deposit and starts opening mystery boxes online.

To open a box, he/she should pay a certain price (it depends on the boxes’ category) and then the system allocates a prize (you can even check the chances of getting each of the prizes).

As a result, a surprise box can get you expensive products for ridiculous prices or lose it. But wait to call it unfair: just check below to see how our users winning and delivering prizes to their homes.

How to buy and open mystery boxes on the site?

So, the first step is obviously to create a user account on the free DrakeMall website. Once it is done, you need to make a deposit of any amount you are ready to spend. Regarding the payment methods, they include PayPal, Bank Transfers, Visa/MasterCard, etc. Note that DrakeMall does not take any commission from its clients in the US, Europe, Asia, etc (!).

Afterward, you may proceed to the box openings. It is important to mention that the boxes can be very different:

  • Football Box – for the football fans;
  • Esports Box – for the gamers;
  • iPhone Box (самый популярный)
  • Apple Box – for those who would like to win some Apple products;
  • Android Box with products related to this mobile operating system;
  • And many-many others.


The procedure is simple: each box has its own price. As you open the box, you automatically pay this price and the system allocates a prize. Then, you have two options:

  1. Open the box and take the prize allocated to you;
  2. Sell it for its actual price (can be smaller or bigger than the price of the box).

Consequently, you can either win or lose some money doing your shopping. Once you bought everything you needed, you can order delivery.

Is available in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, etc.)?

One of the most important questions to answer – “Is drakemall works in Asian countries? Is it legal?”. The answer to both questions – yes, the site is legal and fully operable in Asia, like any other popular marketplace like Lazada.


DrakeMall delivers goods all around the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, etc. Besides, the company largely invests in the Asian market as it sees great potential in it. Currently, DrakeMall representatives conduct negotiations with the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore.

You might have heard that the MHA blocked the DrakeMall website in Singapore because of the YouTube video where a teenager YouTuber Ah Boys to Men claims to win an iPhone for only 6.5$. However, this situation is temporary and it will be solved within the shortest delay. Let’s not forget that the service has a KYC system from Shuftipro and other effective means to impede the teenagers from creating accounts. DrakeMall is not only about profitability, but it is also about responsibility.

Is DrakeMall real? Proofs made by winners

Many users ask the same question: is DrakeMall real or it’s fake? It is true that nowadays there is a lot of scam and fraud on the web. However, this website is totally secure and that is why. First of all, you can easily find DrakeMall reviews on Trustpilot, for example. Also, the webpage is completely reliable and user-friendly. Then again, there are multiple videos in the internet with real user unboxings of delivered goods from DrakeMall on official Facebook page, Discord channel or the following page: Those videos made by ordinary users are the best DrakeMall proofs.

For instance, let’s see the photos of the staff Drake Mall users bought or got as a bonus.


In this image, that comes from Authbert Tan, we see a new Samsung Galaxy A7 won on the website. Congrats!


This image has been posted by Chen Lee on his Facebook account. This guy managed to win a Sony Audio Speaker from Speaker Box. Good for him!


Sándor Szabó was lucky enough to win an Xbox One S by opening Xbox mystery box. Once delivered, he posted a photo of his precious prize right away on his Facebook account. Not bad, Sándor.


Finally, the image from Andrea Chmelova who won Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. “Thank you very much, DrakeMall!” wrote Andrea on her Facebook page. A great prize, isn’t it?

DrakeMall is real, but is it safe?

The question “Is DrakeMall real” has been answered in the previous paragraph, but is it safe to use? Once again, the answer is “Yes, definitely”. The website was created two years ago and it still has an impeccable reputation. The company has a Trustpilot account, official pages on social networks, cooperate with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, etc regarding the payment issues. Be sure: by creating an account on this webpage, you join a community of smart shoppers. And may the luck be with you!