Donor Management Software Market is primarily driven by rising adoption of marketing automation features

Donor management software is used by non-profit organizations to manage the various aspects of their relationship with their donors. Donor management solutions help nonprofit organizations to oversee the entire process of donations, including increasing their reach to potential donors, manage fundraising such as online fundraising, gathering & managing donor information, soliciting donations, boost engagement, analyzing donation-related data, and accepting donations. The software enables organizations to devise personalized strategies for greater donor retention, and invite donors to donate online, in person at fundraising events, or to use other payment methods such as check or electronic transfer. Donor management software solutions provide organizations with control over the donation process and allow improved access and insight into the process.

Donor management software enables organizations to improve the efficiency and capability of their donor management teams and efforts. Donor management software reduces the administrative costs of the organization by automating processes related to donor management such as using the current donor database to raise funds, expanding and supplementing the donor database with information such as volunteer work, strengthening relationships between the donors and organization, raising awareness through email and newsletters, tracking and targeting key donors with segmented analytics, and ensuring the relevance of marketing effort for respective recipients. Using donor management software for managing multichannel communications is an important part of maintaining the relationship between the organizations and donors.

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Current trends in the donor management software market are the increasing adoption of marketing automation features. Automating marketing tasks reduces the time and effort required for repetitive tasks. Donor management software allows automated sending of reminders to donors who have not donated in a long time. Another trend is the inclusion of mobile optimization to not just optimizing the donor campaign for mobile use, but also implementing text-to-give options for donors and mass messaging features for organizations. The increased mobility has particular utility for staff on the ground at a fundraising event, who can use it to access profiles and solicit donations at the event.

The donor management software market can be segmented based on deployment model, end-user, size of industry, application, and region. In terms of deployment model, the donor management software market can be divided into cloud-based and on-premise models. In terms of size of industry, the donor management software market can be divided into small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises. In terms of end-user, the donor management software market can be divided into charities such as animal charities, environmental charities, health charities, and education charities and educational institutions.

In terms of application, the donor management software market can be divided into donor communication, donor targeting, donor information management, donor campaign management, donor retention, data management, donation management, and reporting. Donor communication can be further divided into multichannel communications such as email, personalized SMS, or mass messaging. Donor targeting can be bifurcated into donor activity analysis, targeted messaging, lapsed donor engagement, and marketing automation. Donor information management can be categorized as donor profiling, donation history, and supplementation of donor information from third party sources. Donor campaign management can be further divided into email marketing, and social media marketing. Donor retention can be divided into loyalty programs, repeat messaging, and email messaging. Data management can be categorized into data integration, custom filtering and report generation, and real-time activity monitoring and analysis.

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Based on region, the donor management software market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. Countries considered in the analysis of the donor management software market include the U.S., U.K., Canada, China, Japan, India, Brazil, and Germany.

Key players operating in the global donor management software market are Bloomerang, Salsa Labs, Inc., Blackbaud, Inc., SofterWare, Inc., Neon One, LLC, DonorSnap,, Inc., Campus Management Corp., CaseWorthy, Inc., GiveGab Service, SilkStart Technology Inc., Qgiv, Inc., Blackbaud, Inc., Little Green Light, LLC, and Sylogist Ltd.

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