Do you scrape search engine results manually?


If yes, how helpful is the outdated method of manual SERP scraping!? Isn’t it time consuming? Is it reliable? Isn’t there any new strategy to replace it?

Of course there are many other better ways for SERP scraping. I offer All-SERP which is an automatic tool for SERP scraping which performs its job fast and error free.

Manual SERP scraping does not provide correct information for you as many factors affect the search like location, search history, device and etc. Private browsing or Icognito mode is not reliable too.

Some people sign out their Gmail, clear history and cookies, open new tabs for each search query and even change the location of searching while scraping search engine results.

These ways not only are not reliable but also are very time consuming.

Instead isn’t it better to trust All-SERP as an automatic SERP scraper which can eliminate all limitations.

The most rapid way of SERP scraping

You can have access to numerous amounts of data fast and within the shortest possible time. All-SERP acts faster than similar SERP scrapers as it uses the latest algorithms and strategies of SERP scraping.

Also it is too much faster than manual SERP scraping. No need to clear cookies and search history, no need to change location and use private browsing, All-SERP removes all limitations.

Release your staff for more important tasks rather than manual SERP scraping.

High quality results by All-SERP

All-SERP provides premium quality results. It guarantees to provide data with accuracy rate of over 98%. It means that over 98% of the gathered results are totally correct, accurate and reliable. Isn’t it great!?

The latest algorithms and verification strategies are used to eliminate false data and collect only valid and true results.

All-SERP in service of SEO specialists

All-SERP’s SERP scraper helps SEO experts and webmasters to track, analyze & visualize SEO performance. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

At least the first 100 results of a Google search for a series of keywords is checked and scraped by All-SERP.

Affordable rates

All pricing plans of All-SERP are flexible and at best competitive rates. Even All-SERP allows users to search 25 requests free of charge. This lets users to see the quality of All-SERP services and understand how easily they can work with All-SERP and how efficient All-SERP services are.

All-SERP comprehensive services

All-SERP has 5 main SERP scrapers which will increase in future. It supports Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and DuckDuckGo. The following services are the main tools created by All-SERP:

  • Google SERP API
  • DuckDuckGo SERP API
  • Yahoo SERP API
  • Ask SERP API
  • Bing SERP API

All the mentioned services guarantee to provide accurate results with no latency and at best competitive rates.