As soon as you have entered all the data, you can complete the payment. In some cases, however, there is a second security procedure: verification using the so-called 3D secure procedure. Your bank will decide whether or not to use the procedure for the respective payment. The 3DSecure process is a further level of security when making payments on the Internet. In this case, you will usually be redirected to the Visa or Mastercard website.

Verified-by-visa when you first start the procedure, you will usually be asked to set a password and welcome message in a secure environment. The greeting text should ideally not give any reference to the password. As soon as you have set a password, you have to enter it every time the 3D secure process is used. It is a “PIN for the Internet”. At many credit card banks, verification now works via an SMS PIN. You will receive an SMS with a PIN if the 3DSecure procedure is used. You then have to enter this in the field provided to confirm the payment. This system is to be used for all credit cards in the medium term. For the verification of credit card, you have to enter the 3 digit code, CVV which can buy online through CVV shop.

The 3DSecure process prevents other people from making purchases or bookings with your credit card in the event of theft. When the 3DSecure process will be used is not communicated publicly. Rather, it is a randomized system. In general, the 3D Secure procedure is used for credit card payments on the Internet, but is almost always used for larger sums. So you can count on even more security when paying with your credit card on the Internet.

Actually, two-factor authentication (2FA) should have been introduced across the board since September 2019. However, the start has been delayed.

Is online payment by credit card recommended?

The flexibility of the credit card sets it apart from other means of payment. With no other means of payment can you pay so securely and easily on the Internet and in shops. In addition, credit cards offer a high level of security on the Internet.

Once you’ve memorized the important security precautions, you shouldn’t have any problems with credit card payments on the Internet. Instead, you can look forward to safe and uncomplicated online shopping.


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