Disc Spring Market Trends and Research Insights by 2027

Global Disc Spring Market: Introduction

A disc spring, also known as a Belleville washer, can be loaded along its axis either dynamically or statically subjected to continuous load cycling. It is a conical shell mainly used in applications that require a very high amount of force over a small deflection. A disc spring is shaped like a washer that is axially loaded. Disc spring is shaped like a conical, which can be used as in single, multiple, series, stacked parallel and in a combination. Furthermore, disc springs have a number of advantages that include consistent performance, inherent dampening, longer fatigue life, flexibility, space saving, and high load capacity. Disc springs are used in different industries, due to their conical configuration, which can support high loads with relatively solid heights and small deflections compared to helical springs. Moreover, disc springs are utilized to tackle various problems such as thermal expansion, vibration, and bolt creep in different industries.

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Global Disc Spring Market: Competition Landscape

The Mubea Group

Established in 1916, the Mubea Group is headquartered in Germany. The company has approximately 10,200 employees in 17 countries in almost 28 locations. It is a worldwide market leader in manufacturing and developing automobile parts with a unique feature of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, the company is a specialist in manufacturing and designing lightweight spring components and related products for automotive industry across the world. Furthermore, the company offers a wide variety of products that include tailor rolled products, tailor rolled tubes, stabilizer bars, spring band clamps, and valve springs.

MW Industries, Inc.

Incorporated in 1929, MW Industries, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. with approximately 5000 employees. The company is a worldwide leader in manufacturing, creating, and designing highly engineered fasteners, industrial springs, bellows, and metal components. It provides services to 35 countries. The company provides its products to different industries such as energy, medical, aerospace, and automotive. Furthermore, it manufacturers and designs a wide variety of products such as disc springs or belleville washers, custom and stock springs, constant force springs, fasteners, couplings, machined parts, hot wound springs, machined springs, metal stampings, metal bellows, retaining rings, shims tubing products, and wire forms.

Other key players operating in the global disc spring market are Barnes Group Inc., AirLoc Schrepfer AG, Schnorr GmbH, Werner Röhrs GmbH & Co. KG., TIEIG Industrial Products GmbH, Daemar Inc., Safelink Agencies Private Limited, SPIROL International Corporation, Changzhou Disc Spring Manufacturer Co., Ltd., Century Spring Corp., Christian Bauer GmbH + Co. KG., and Twiflex Ltd.

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Global Disc Spring Market: Dynamics

Rise in Demand of Disc Springs in Different Industries across the Globe

Rise in demand of disc springs in various industries, such as aerospace, mining, automotive, and medical, is likely to boost the disc spring market across the globe. Disc springs are used in use of spring washers that exert a uniform pressure and remains constant, for circumstances where tension losses are caused by contraction, thermal expansion, compression set, across a wide range of industries, so as to give machines a longer life. In addition, disc springs are effective in stopping bolts from moving around, so as to solve the problem of bolt creep in machines which, in turn, is projected to expand the disc spring market during the forecast period. Moreover, disc springs are used to reduce terminating time of surgical tools and instruments in healthcare sector which is expected to boost the disc spring market.

Global Disc Spring Market: Segmentation

The global disc spring market can be segmented based on:

  • Disc Spring Thickness
  • Application
  • Disc Spring Type
  • Industry
  • Region

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