Digipaks are considered to be one of the most efficient compact disc packaging solutions. Unlike other compact disc packaging solutions, such as jewel cases, disc packaging sleeves and wallets, digipaks are made up of cardstock. Thus, they are more resistant to damage than jewel cases. One of the key factors behind the sudden surge in demand for digipaks among other disc packaging solutions, is their recyclability. Digipaks are widely used by music bands, to connect with their fans. The global compact disc market suffered a decline after the introduction of modern storage devices such as hard drives. However, that has not resulted in the complete decline of ‘CD culture’. Many consumers are known to prefer compact discs when it comes to buying music. Also, to get the compact disc industry going, several advancements have been made to improve upon old technology, which led to the rise of products such as Blu-ray discs. Therefore, although the market is anticipated to gradually decline over time, a scenario of complete obsoletion is unlikely during the forecast period.

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Global digipaks market: Dynamics

The global digipaks market is driven by the flexibility offered by digipaks. Digipaks stand out among compact disc packaging solutions due to the various benefits offered to the end users. Digipaks can be ordered in four-panel, six-panel, and eight-panel configurations, with room for more. The global packaging industry has undergone rapid transformation in the past few decades, resulting in an absolute need for customization. Digipaks can be customized as per client requirements. This transparency allows clients to add slits, and pockets to the digipaks, which allows them to add standard inserts, and booklets on the top along with compact discs. Additional information, which might include lyrics of songs, acknowledgements, band stories, among others, can also be communicated with the fans. In addition to the benefits listen above, there are other factors that support growth of the global digipaks market and facilitate increase in preference for digipaks. When compared to alternative solutions such as disc packaging sleeves & wallets, and jewel cases, digipaks allow more room for artwork, text, and photographs. Digipaks end users can keep multiple compact discs or a combination of CDs and DVDs, along with other information related to the content. To add to that, a digipaks costs a mere dime more than a standard jewel case, which offers much less in terms of carrying capacity and features. Therefore, the global digipaks market is expected to be driven by consumer preference, during the forecast period.

One of the key factors that might hamper the growth of the global digipaks market, is the decline in use of compact discs.

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The North America and Western Europe regions are expected to lead the global digipaks market in terms of sales and volume. Although, the Asia Pacific region might register more CD and DVD sales, over the forecast period, the prevalence of packaging solutions such as digipaks is rather low, and might take time to penetrate the local market, given the manufacturers of digipaks adopt winning strategies to get the local consumers to prefer such products. Japan recorded a high number of music sales in 2016, of which, 80% was through the sales of CDs alone. This is expected to create opportunities for high demand for digipaks in the Japanese market. The MEA and Latin America regions might witness a decline in usage of CDs, which might hamper the growth of the global digipaks market, during the forecast period. Growth in growing economies, such as India and China is anticipated to be more than in developed region such as the North and Latin America regions. This is owed to the availability of online music streaming services and higher penetration of internet services which refrain consumers from having the requirement to buy compact discs.

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Global digipaks market: Key Players

Few of the key players operating in the global digipaks market are – Oasis CD Manufacturing, Disc Makers, and ADIVAN Hi Tech AG, among others

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