When purchasing weed you are likely to find different types of weed leaves in terms of aromas, tastes, and effects. These features help to differentiate genetic species in the cannabis plant. Most people may want to know this leafy variety feature so that they can predict the effect of a particular strain. Growers will want to know genetics so that they can know which one is the best for them to produce the best strains for selling.

The current research shows that many states have legalized weed and other states are in process of legalizing it, this shows that we have many people using weed for medicinal value and recreation. It helps with health issues including; anxiety, pain, epilepsy, and depression. The chemical content differentiates one weed from the other and for that case let’s examines key leaf types for marijuana in this blog.

  • Indica plant
  • Sativa
  • Ruderalis

Indica plant

This strain is mainly for relaxation and recreation due to its high content of CBD when compared to other cannabis plants. The plant is mainly grown in Sub-tropical regions and counties such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s a short and thick plant. Favorable sun conditions in these regions enable this plant to grow fast and sprout its flowers.

In terms of effect or intoxication, the plant has a high CBD level that aid in moderating THC in the body hence producing buzz for relaxing body muscles, relieve pain and inflammation. This plant is very beneficial to people with sleeping problems at night, those with stress and anxiety issues.


Gives an uplifting effect and it’s good especially when you are attending a social gathering for creative purposes, this plant has the biggest leaves and is mainly grown in equatorial countries due to a reliable sun extend. This plant looks loose when growing when compares to Indica and Ruderalis since it takes a longer period when sprouting flowers.

This plant in general they are long and thin finger-like. The plant has a high-level content of THC with less CBD. The plant has the effect of cerebral buzz in the head; it uplifts the user and makes them have an energized feeling. Other users feel motivated and creative after use. It also aids in relieving anxiety, promotes an overall sense of well-being, and relieves depression.


This plant has less THC and CBD content when compared to the above leaf types, and for this reason, the plant is not in high demand as the first two. However, for auto-flowering of the plant, it can be bred with Sativa and Indica plants. This plant is mainly grown indoors for close monitoring. It grows up to 2.5 feet. People in Mongolia and Russia have been using it as a traditional medicine combating depression.

Its appearance is shaggy and the leaves are wide and light green. It grows very fast and can withstand harsh climate conditions like frost and freeze when the sun isn’t available.

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