Kundali is the study of the position of planets at the time of a person’s birth. It depends on that particular person’s date of birth, name, time of birth and place of birth. The process of matching two person’s Kundali is known as Kundali Milan.

Every region of India has a very different way of forming and reading Kundalis. Every Kundali is prepared according to the culture of that particular region.

Here is a list of certain different ways in which Kundali is prepared in India.

Types of Kundalis: North Indian Way

Here, all the houses in the Kundali are considered as fixed. None of the 12 houses will ever change their position.

The change of signs can be predicted with the changing ascendants. The first house is predicted to be the one where the ascendant tends to rise. The position of the remaining houses is predicted accordingly.

Types of Kundalis: South Indian Way

In this system of making Kundali, the signs of astrology are again taken to be fixed at all times. Houses are the ones which change their position.

The ascendant house is allowed to be present anywhere in this system of kundali formation. Now, the ascendant house is again divided in two parts with the help of a diagonal line. This is the first house and all the others start from the right side of this house.

Types of Kundalis: East Indian Way

This is a mixture of the North Indian way and the South Indian way. However, this kundali will look pretty different from the other two in every respect.

The astrological signs here are considered to be fixed just the way they are considered in the South Indian way. But, the difference is that these signs are written from the left side.

The way of writing the signs from the left side has been adopted by the North Indian way. The houses are seen to change as per the ascendants.

Types of Kundalis: Western Country

Western countries have a very different way of forming Kundalis. The Kundali made using this way start from the ascendant.

This is seen to be categorized in 12 different parts. The start of the first house is marked by the ascendant. Likewise, in the Indian system, the ascendant marks the half part of the first house. Here too all the houses are present on the left side.

Therefore, with the help of this, one can have a deeper understanding in Kundali’s.