Who is Dice Bangga?

Dice Bangga is an up and coming artist from The Bronx, New York. Dice has had much
success this year with his current releases including “Goat”, “Gwuap” and “Aye” which also
have the videos now on YouTube for viewing. Dice Bangga’s consistency is what makes him
a force in the industry. Totaling over 70,000 views alone on YouTube his numbers continue
to grow at an astronomical rate. His YouTube is currently taking off and still growing as we
speak.His single “Goat” shows his diverse inextinguishable sound. The base line and dark
piano chords add something very bold and enticing for his listeners and ever growing
audience. Dice Banggas level of motivation and pure dedication is what keeps him growing
and pushing so much each day.

In each of his releases Dice has a very appealing vibe and cadence to his hooks that tend to draw people in. It’s like he knows exactly what style to put out to draw people to his music.He has an infectious sound and image to him that will help only to boost his brand. Dice is clearly the goat after this release. He has undeniable bars, focus and drip. Dice will be working on a new project that is set to drop within the very near future so make sure you guys are keeping up with all of his latest content.You can view all of his current content on all major music platforms in the meantime.

Why does Dice have what it takes?

Dice Bangga is a different breed. He is both talented and business smart when it comes to
creating and building his brand. His eagerness to compete with the industry artists is going
to make him a force to be reckoned with. Dice not only puts out above and beyond music,
but he also stays on top of his marketing. Growing and staying consistent is top on his list
along with appreciation to all of his supporters when it comes to his career. Dice has been
doing music for a long time and is ready to get to the mainstream level and do whatever it
takes to get to that point in his career. His music delivers an Edgy, Trap and catchy sound
and will be attracting more fans as he pursues more promotion outlets. He has the image
and the songs ! Now it’s just time to get it to the masses.

Where can you find all of Dice Banggas content?

You can find all of Dice’s content when you search his name on Google. He has been
featured on Rap Fiesta with an amazing article introducing his release “Goat”. You can also
find his video interview with Zack TV on YouTube where he speaks on a recent beef due to
an industry scammer and introduces who he is. Dice says in the interview “He’s not just the
pretty boy most see him as”. Review his visuals on YouTube and his other content on
platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, ITunes, Google Play, Amazon and more! He has his new
releases there and would love your support for each record.

Official “Goat” music video