Desserts that you can make with an Instant Pot Cooker

Did you know that you can make desserts with an instant Pot Cooker? That is right. You can make several desserts with an Instant Pot Cooker. You can make a carrot cake, tapioca pudding, and even delicious beverages such as eggnog. Just find your ingredients and start cooking the most delicious desserts. Corrie Cooks can provide you a variety of recipes for Instant Pot Cookers.  Here are some ideas that you can consider for a homemade dessert.


You can make a variety of cakes with an Instant Pot Cooker. All cakes will come out very spongy and delicious. You just grease a pan and put it in the Instant Pot Cooker. Then follow the recipe of your cake and pour it in the pan. Next, cover it and set it for the amount of time that you need depending on the cake. When it is ready let the natural pressure release. Finally, take the pan out of the pressure cooker and decorate it. There are several cakes that you can use such as chocolate cake, carrot cake, vanilla cake, coffee cake, lava cake, simple cake, brownie cake, mini decadent chocolate cake, yellow cake, orange spice cake, and many more. It is easy, cheap, and fast. There is no need to go to a bakery and find a delicious cake when you can make it at home with an Instant Pot Cooker.


If you are a pie lover, we have good news for you. You can make pies very quickly with a pressure cooker. Deserts are a great way to entertain your guests or for a small celebration. There are several pies that you can make such as a traditional apple pie or a delicious pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. You need a pan with the right size for pies and grease it then add the mixture of the pie. It takes about 30 minutes for your pie to be ready.

Hot Beverages

There are several beverages you can prepare for dessert. You can make a delicious Eggnog for Christmas or a pumpkin spice cider for Halloween. You will mostly need the slow cooker function for these hot beverages. It depends on the ingredients but you will need to stir the ingredients and then set the slow cooker option and wait about an hour depending on your recipe.


Who doesn’t love a soft and creamy pudding? The Instant Pot Cooker offers you the option of making a tasteful pudding such as tapioca pudding, tofu pudding, rice pudding, chocolate pudding, apple cranberry rice Pudding, cardamom and almond tapioca pudding, Carrot pudding with Philadelphia cream cheese, among others. Pudding can be served hot, cold, or warm. You can also add delicious fruits or other flavors such as vanilla. You can serve it hot and soft or cold and firmer.

Cinnamon Rolls

This is a common and popular dessert. Cinnamon Rolls have a great flavor, aroma, and texture. There are several cinnamon rolls that you can make with an Instant Pot Cooker such as cream cheese cinnamon rolls, traditional cinnamon rolls, and many others.  This recipe also takes about 15 minutes.


Several types of bread can be made with an Instant Pot Cooker which includes apple bread, chocolate bread, rosemary bread, banana nut bread, gluten-free bread, banana bread, cornbread, pumpkin bread, among other delicious options. Make the mixture, pour it in a pan and set it on the manual option it takes about an hour depending on the recipe. Serve and enjoy. Check out the ingredients you already have at home and have delicious homemade bread that will complement your meal.


If you are a cheesecake lover, then we have good news for you because there are tons of cheesecake recipe that can be done with the Instant Pot Cooker such as limoncello ricotta cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, Samoa cheesecake, mango chili cheesecake, mango and ginger cheesecake, raspberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, peanut butter cheesecake, third bird lemon cheesecake, cookie dough cheesecake, spicy lemon cheesecake, get the ingredients and start making delicious cheesecake.

Some other desserts you can make are brownie, cookies, custards, compotes, syrups, flans, risotto, crisps, jam, poached fruits, and even fondue. There are more options and recipes for desserts that can be made with an Instant Pot Cooker. It is perfect for delicious and sweet recipes. Almost any dessert recipe can be done with the Instant Pot Cooker. The Instant Pot Cooker is here to make our life easier.