Dee Dee Williams

Dee Dee Williams

Dee Dee Williams also known as Dee Dee ‘The Great’, is a Los Angeles native and author of Erotic and New Adult Education books. Her books thread romance, passion and foreplay into instruction manuals ranging from the topics of Group Sex to Submission and Domination.

Dee Dee say,s that her journey as a Celebrity Sex Coach has been very smooth. Many celebrities all ready knew me and trusted me with their deepest darkest secrets. Prior to becoming a certified sex coach they would come to me for relationship and sexual advice. I would recommend things for them to try based on my personal experiences and it would work for them as well.

according to dee dee williams women want to know if they are good at giving a man oral sex, and how to give more pleasure through this intimate act. Men want to know how to ask for this most favored activity. Oral sex is intricate, playful and can give any couple more satisfaction in their lovemaking and in their relationship.

Includes everything couples need to know about what turns a man on and how to give him mind-blowing pleasure; techniques to make oral sex outrageously fun for the woman, too; how doing it to him can be the sexiest experience she’s ever had; everything women need to know about rhythm, the 69 position, using tongue, lips and cheeks, and 50 tips, tricks and techniques that will add pleasure and love to this sexiest gift a woman can give her man.

You will enjoy giving oral sex as much as men enjoy getting it when you learn.

Dee Dee williams ia a great writter. she wrote many books which guide couples to enjoy the pleasure of oral sex. her latest book and the most sucessfull book is

The Head Champ

the oral sex playbook

This guide gives you the tools you need to thrill her every night, including:

Making cunnilingus the evening’s main course or the first stop in a night of multiple orgasms

Techniques from the sacred “Flutter of the Butterfly” to modern Oral Sex Acrobatics

How to overcome any woman’s oral sex hangups

How to broach the subject of wanting to give him oral sex–even when it makes him nervous

Packed with the most erotic ideas for pleasuring him, this women’s manual will send you running for the covers.

To maximize the efficacy of the actual blowjob and make it stand out more, it’s absolutely imperative to use foreplay techniques to create buildup and sexual tension. This will fully prime his engine, mentally and physically, which results in a much stronger orgasm when the time comes.

Foreplay also extends beyond the time you’re actually even together. For example, if you have this in mind for a date night, your foreplay could start by sending sexy pictures or texts in the day(s) leading up to the blowjob itself. Then when you’re actually together, you would begin working in the aspects of physical touch.

Use your breath. …

  • further more
  • Make some noise. …
  • Lock eyes. …
  • Put your hands to work. …
  • Explore other areas. …
  • Add lube to the mix. …
  • Take it to the edge.

Oral sex can add a much-needed spice to your relationship! The Secrets of Great Sex: A women,s Guide To Oral Sex answers all the questions mens have ever had about performing this delicate act. With creative and exciting ways to enhance intimacy, you’ll never want it to end. Raised eyebrows, rubbing one’s chin, angled shoulders –  the art of nonverbal communication and you’ll unlock these secrets and more. Body Language and Lying is your quick course in interpreting body language so you can spot a liar without a second thought. Now you’ll know exactly when someone’s lying – without them having to say a word.

As a Sex Coach, I’m more proud of teaching individuals how to transfer sexual energy and become sexually empowered.

I think listening and being able to make others feel comfortable is the key to making others feel relaxed enough to share some of their personal sexual experiences and sexual goals.