Decoding the Global High Speed Switches Serial Fabrics Market: Key Areas to Watch Through 2027

Switched fabric is a system for linking devices together to support many simultaneous data transfer usually implemented with a crossbar switch. The data is sent in packets with information contained in the packet header for identification, routing and error detection, and correction. Due to the recent advances in the serial data technology, the consumers of switched fabrics uses serial links. One of the significant benefits driving the High speed switches serial fabrics market is the reduced number of signal lines and smaller connectors and cables which result in enhanced system density, simplifier system integration, lower installation costs, and easier maintenance. High speed switches serial fabric system connects devices together to support multiple simultaneous data transfers, usually implemented with a crossbar switch.

High speed switches serial fabrics provide a method to switch the packets from input ports to output ports. However, the two possible locations for buffering are at the input of the switch fabric or shared memory. The switch fabrics control the quality of service.

Further, the multi-service provisioning platform (MSPP) are the emerging product category which is specifically designed to address the needs of service providers for reliable transport of data and telecom services between the different networks. New platforms of this type are employing standards-based packet switching systems which are designed to transfer voice and data over IP between PSTN, mobile, core, and IP Networks. The major function of multi-server provisioning platform is to transmit the media streams at a port speed between the various network interfaces whereas also supporting the quality of services.

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High-speed switch serial fabrics market are anticipated to grow during the forecast period as the capacity of data traversing the Internet grows. Further, even the internet data is doubling every month. HD TV and cloud computing represent the most significant market driving the forces for the growth of high-speed switch serial fabric.

The intelligent high speed switches serial fabric devices contain output queuing (VOQ) and also prioritized flow control which provides high capacity switching.

High Speed Switched Serial Fabric: Market segmentation

High speed switches serial fabrics provides point to point connectivity between the processor and peripheral devices. However, they lack features such as message passing protocol.

By product types, the market can be further segmented into:

  • Infiniband
  • StarFabric
  • PCI Express
  • Hyper Transport
  • RapidIO

Demand for internet services, needs for improved copper line conditions need to extend the reach of copper lines, and increases in network traffic are major forces driving the High speed switched serial fabric market.

By application, high-speed switch serial fabrics market can be further segmented into:

  • Data center consolidation
  • Security
  • High Definition video
  • High-Speed Video

High speed switches serial fabrics are poised to make consumers more productive in security environments, help in increasing productivity with faster desktop access capabilities, decrease storage seek times.

High Speed Switched Serial Fabric:  Market Drivers and Restrains

The intelligent switch fabric devices contain virtual output queuing (VOQ) and prioritized flow control and provide high-capacity non-blocked, class of service based switching. The ongoing convergence of communication technologies and proliferation of digital media is introducing radical changes to the consumer electronic market. Advances in semiconductor technology are expected to drive the market for high switched serial fabric.

As the quantity of data traversing the Internet grows, the market for high speed switched serial fabric is expected to grow. The internet data usage is doubling very frequently (on an average of 5 months). For instance, the quantities of data are increasing from petabytes per day to exabytes per day.

High Speed Switched Serial Fabric Market Players

The High Speed Switched Serial Fabric Market is fragmented and competitive, with a large number of players operating at the regional and local level. Some of the players in the High-speed switch serial fabrics market includes,

  • Pentek, Inc
  • Zarlink Semiconductor
  • Vitesse
  • Sierra Wireless
  • Netlogic Microsystem / Aeluros Inc.
  • Mindspeed
  • Fulcrum Microsystems
  • Integrated Device Technologies
  • Erlang Technology
  • Broadcom
  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Juniper Networks Inc.
  • Applied MicroCircuit Corporation
  • Switch Fabric

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