DC/DC Step-down Converters Market Size, Growth Trends And Competitive Outlook

DC/DC converters are used to convert one DC voltage to another DC voltage level, from high to low and low to high, as per system requirements. The DC/DC converter is available as a step-up converters and step-down converter. Step-down converters are majorly utilized in cell phones or smartphones, tablets, laptops. Smartphone manufacturers are using step-down converter in order to regulate the power supply required to charge or power the batteries of smartphones. Demand for step-down converters is expected to rise from the electronic products manufacturing sector. The step-down converter provides power to low voltage devices from a higher voltage power source. Manufacturers of electronic products are utilizing tiny step-down functional converters in order to provide secure power supply to their products.

DC/DC Step-down Converters Market – Competitive Landscape

ABB Ltd.

Founded in 1883, ABB Ltd. has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company manufactures and sells industrial automation, robotics, electrification, and motion products across the world. Additionally, its products cater to commercial, data centers, oil & gas, telecom and healthcare sectors. Under the electrification segment, ABB Ltd. provides switchboards, switchgears, circuit breakers, and wiring accessories products.

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Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson

Founded in 1876, Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is a global provider of communication and information technology solutions for service providers. The company offers digital services, network solutions, emerging business solutions for enterprises. The company’s network solutions provide transportation solutions, site solutions, and mobile radio access networks. The managed services offer by the company includes IT managed services, network designing, application development and modernization for enterprises.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1944, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is based in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. It is a leading global company that specializes in the manufacture, design, and supply of leading-edge electronic components, advanced electronic materials, and high-density modules. The company’s innovations are utilized in diverse applications, ranging from home appliances to mobile phones, and automotive applications to energy management systems and healthcare devices.

Siemens AG

Incorporated in1980, Siemens AG is based in Munich, Germany. The company operates its business through automation, digitalization and electrification segments. Under the power and gas segment, the company offers generators, control systems for power generation, compressor trains, gas and steam turbines, instrumentation, and integrated power plant solutions.

Key players operating in the global DC/DC step-down converters market include Emerson Electric Co., Agile Magnetics, Inc., Texas Instruments Incorporated, Torex Semiconductor Ltd., and Mouser Electronics, Inc.

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DC/DC Step-down Converters Market – Dynamics

Increasing demand for technologically advanced laptops and mobiles boost the DC/DC step down converter market

Increasing demand for thin and advanced manufacturing designs of electronic products drives the market growth for step-down converter in market. Increasing demand for efficient voltage load regulators propels the DC/DC step down converters market. Rising demand for mobile phones, tablets, laptop and other electronic products is estimated to offer significant opportunities to DC/DC step down converter manufacturers. Consequently, the manufacturers are expected to invest in the development of more advanced step-down converters. Major players operating in the market are expected to offer more advance step-down converters in order to maintain their dominance in the market.

Technological advancement leads to complexity in product design and increase in cost, which restrains the market

DC/DC step-down converters are generally more efficient and smaller than linear regulators. Development of advanced designs of DC/DC step down converter leads to the integration of highly complex circuitry in them. Moreover, development in the design fuels the cost of the step-down converter, which restraints the market. Some convertors generate noise and heat during operation, which in turn hinders the market.

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