A data exchange platform is the most advanced environment where businesses can share, source, exchange, assign, and capitalize data and/or organize data ecosystems building strong data partnerships. Data exchange platforms inscribe legal, technological, security, and acquiescence requirements to support current and future data policies and frameworks. As organizations in the public as well as private sectors realize the importance of data as a key strategic asset to achieve market objectives such as creating new revenue streams or developing productivity, there is a rising investment for the services, which is anticipated to boost the global data exchange platform services market during the forecast period.

A data exchange platform enables data to broadcast and be rendered available with all the necessary features such as protection, compliance, and traceability of transactions imperatives. Both data receivers and data providers need a protected and docile setting to leverage the prospects of their data and engage the player that will adequately satisfy their data needs. As amounts of data increase, a data marketplace can optimize data sourcing and arrange the flow of data. Due to the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and other innovative technologies, a data marketplace can valorize data through insightful data partnerships with the extended ecosystem. All these factors are contributing toward the growth opportunities for the data exchange platform services market during the projected period.

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Organizations Find Revenue Stream Through Monetizing Data Assets

Data exchanges are rising as a key element of the data marketplace. It has created a present-day gold rush to support modern, digital businesses approach their unsatisfied desire for data by connecting data suppliers and customers with a seamless experience. Moreover, by reducing the impedance from obtaining, receiving, and combining data, these exchanges have helped many businesses to monetize their data assets and create further income streams. In addition, businesses are using data exchange platform services to enhance consumer experience resulting in an increased demand for the data exchange platform services market at a fast pace.

Data exchanges need a sturdy data-sharing platform that allows clarity, assurance, quality, safety, and integration. A reliable data exchange platforms imitate the value proposition of major consumer marketplaces, such as Amazon, Spotify, and Apple iTunes, by addressing availability, value, completeness, and society. These modern data exchanges overcome the conventional barriers that have made it nearly impracticable for businesses to locate, acquire, and integrate third-party data. Furthermore, a host of corporations are launching data marketplaces to promote data sharing between data suppliers and consumers, which is contributing to the increased demand for data exchange platform services market during the forecast period.

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Major Players taking Strategic Decisions to Grow Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

The shape of 2021 is increasingly defined by the coronavirus pandemic where data transfer and digitalization with the help of advanced technology is transforming mankind’s combat against infectious disease. The COVID-19 pandemic has generated numerous privacy, data protection, security, and compliance enigmas. These challenges are driving the demand for businesses and institutions to ensure their digital experience platform(s) are not only secure but forward-looking. However, unlike various industries having difficulties in production and supply chain, the demand for data exchange platform services market has been increased due to increasing demand for privacy and data protection across worldwide companies. Furthermore, the demand is expected to further rise in the upcoming years with new potential and emerging businesses entering the technology segment.

Major leading companies of analytics such as Dawex Systems, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, and SAP SE are centering on the expansion of cost-effective data exchange platform services to attract more customers, thus driving the data exchange platform services market. Various organizations have shown their interests in developing innovative technologies to enhance customer experience, which is ultimately generating large amounts of data. These digitally produced data are anticipated to offer vital opportunities for businesses to understand the demand trends and enhance their business strategies. Furthermore, major companies from various industries are focusing on artificial growth strategies such as strategic collaborations and mergers & acquisitions with already existing technology partners to develop their contributions and market reach in the data exchange platform services market.

Businesses Heavily Demanding Third-Party Data for Analyzing Market, Consumer Buying Behaviors

The market is witnessing a growing demand for third-party data, varying from climate, geographic, and streaming sensor data to traffic and financial data, which is being fulfilled by the data exchange platform services. Data researchers and scientists continuously look for external data to improve their statistical and machine learning models. Market researchers from various fields require third-party data, including demographic, psychographic, and social media to intensify analysis, strategies, and forecasts to create 360-degree views of customers. Moreover, large businesses are currently demanding clickstream data to customize user experience and create compelling suggestion engines, among other things.

As the competition is heating up and platform service providers are rushing to develop high-level features, the demand for the data exchange platform services market is expected to further improve during the projected period. Businesses are now aiming to make it as simple as feasible for data suppliers to package, distribute, sell, secure, and administer data assets so that data consumers can easily survey, buy, upload, and query those data sets. An undisputed data exchange platform is simpler to sell and use, developing growth for everyone involved including data operators, suppliers, and consumers. All these factors are driving the global data exchange platform services market during the forecast period.

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