Crude Sulfate Turpentine Market: Overview

Crude sulfate turpentine (also known as sulfate wood turpentine) is a derivative product of turpentine acquired via the distillation of resin occurring in live trees, particularly pines. It is a flammable fluid which is insoluble in water but dissolves in certain solvents. Turpentine is also known as wood turpentine, oil of turpentine, and spirit of turpentine.

Crude sulfate turpentine is obtained as a byproduct of the Kraft process with the help of substrates and catalysts. Crude sulfate turpentine comprises terpene hydrocarbons and miscellaneous sulfur compounds. Terpenes are an extensive and varied class of organic compounds acquired from a range of plants, especially those belonging to the Pinopsida group.

Turpentine mainly consists of alpha-pinene and beta-pinene with smaller percentages of limonene, camphene, carene, and terpinene. Alpha-pinene and beta-pinene are isomers of pinene. Terpinenes are isomeric hydrocarbons belonging to the terpene class. Limonene, camphene, and careen are all cyclic terpenes constituting small amounts of turpentine.

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Crude sulfate turpentine is primarily used in the production of fragrances and flavors. Major end-use industries of crude sulfate turpentine include cosmetics and food & beverages. It is also used as a solvent during the thinning of oil-based paints and production of varnishes. It acts as a raw material in the process of organic synthesis in the chemical industry too, especially in fragrant (aromatic) chemical compounds.

Crude Sulfate Turpentine Market Trends

The utilization of crude sulfate turpentine by manufacturers is restricted due to the high amount of investments required in its distillation. This could act as a major restraining factor for the market. The limited retrieval of black liquor through the Kraft process is also expected to hinder the product’s overall growth.

Alpha-pinene is employed as anti-inflammatory agent and is a constituent of a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Beta-pinene exhibits a woody-green, pine-like scent and is mainly used as an ingredient in perfumery. Fragrances ascribed to carene include pine-like, sweet, woodsy, cedar, and pungent; and its primary sources are rosemary, cedar, and pine extract. Camphene is mainly employed in flavoring (as a food additive) and fragrance preparations. Limonene acts as the chief olfactory ingredient of citrus and is a common ingredient in cosmetic products. It is also used as a flavor agent in a few medicines and in food manufacturing as well as a solvent for cleaning purposes. Terpinene, especially alpha-terpinene, is a flavoring and perfume chemical used in the food and cosmetics industries.

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Crude Sulfate Turpentine Market Segmentation

Based on composition, the market can be segmented into the following categories: pinene, limonene, camphene, carene, terpinene, and others.

In terms of application, it can be divided into the following segments: solvents, aromatic chemicals, flavoring agent, adhesives, paint thinners, printing ink, and others.

Its end-user industries include cosmetics, food & beverages, health care, paints, and others.

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Crude Sulfate Turpentine Market: Region-wise Outlook

North America dominates the overall crude sulfate turpentine market due to sectors including paints and aromatic chemicals which are prevalent in the region being major consumers of crude sulfate turpentine. The U.S. and Canada are both well-known manufacturers as well as consumers of crude sulfate turpentine. These countries also export the product to Africa and Asia Pacific. In Asia Pacific, China and India are primary consumers, propelled by the rising demand from the personal care products industry which is also likely to develop owing to the existing and ever-rising population in the region.

Crude Sulfate Turpentine Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the crude sulfate turpentine market include Kraton Corporation, Pine Chemical Group, Torgoviy Dom Lesokhimik, Weyerhaeuser Company, DRT, Lawter, HARTING Technology Group, and Arizona Chemical Company LLC.

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