Covid-19 Impact on Multivitamin Gummies Market – Size Estimation, Industry Demand, Growth Trend, Chain Structure, Supply And Demand Forecasts to 2029

Gummy vitamins, or as growing in popularity as candy-ceuticals, are anticipated to make inroads in the nutraceutical industry at a value CAGR of ~6% over 2019-2029. According to a study published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) on the global gummy vitamins market, the consumption of gummy vitamins among females is high in value; however, children will emerge as the leading consumers of these vitamins by 2024. ‘Organic’ being the buzzword synonymous with healthy products, it is likely to occupy labels of extant and the future gummy vitamin products.

In the current range of production, players in the gummy vitamins market possess the competency to achieve a diversified portfolio by experimenting with textures, shapes, and flavors. However, as consumers become more aware of preventive healthcare, on account of the information-oriented campaigning approach taken by manufacturers, it is imperative that market players increase their production capacities to reap the impending opportunities present in the gummy vitamins market.

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Imbalance of Nutrient and Sugar Level in Gummy Formulations Could Impede Sales

Considering the ‘flavor’ attribute of gummy vitamins to be the leading success factor for their uptake, the very ingredient – sugar – that enhances their taste could pose as a threat of cavities among children. It is also worth noting that, the negative impact of consuming gummy vitamins, on a frequent basis, doesn’t only show on children’s health. According to the American Heart Association, the intake of added sugar should not exceed 150 calories in a day, among men, and 100 calories in a day, among women. However, the flavorful nature of gummies could lead to their overconsumption, which, coupled with the lack of knowledge about high doses, could deteriorate the health of diabetic, obese, and individuals suffering from high cholesterol levels.

With the growing popularity of these vitamins, individuals are also gaining intellect regarding their health implications, which could limit the otherwise anticipated steady growth of the gummy vitamins market.

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In Focus: High RoI Potential of Developing Countries in Asia Pacific

An intensified approach taken towards maintaining health by modern individuals of North America complements the ample marketing initiatives taken by market players to penetrate information regarding the long-term health benefits offered by gummy products. Sensing enormous potential, leading players operating in the region are switching their manual business operations to digital media in order to achieve high production capacity with customized product development, and cross-border sales through online channels.

According to the study, besides individuals in developed countries, consumers in developing countries who look for additional nutrients to meet the demands of their fast-paced lifestyles are projected to play a pivotal role in the advancement of the gummy vitamins market. The high population density in China and India, coupled with the rising influence of the urban sprawl, is projected to drive the Asia Pacific gummy vitamins market at an exponential rate.

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