What is How it is used to Log In to Router? is the IP address used to initiate the login process to the admin panel of routers of any brand, PCs, laptops, modems, extenders, and mobile devices. This is referred to the default gateway.

Unknown or unauthorized users are most likely to gain access to your private stuff if your home WiFi network is left unprotected somehow. Every router comes with an external as well as internal IP address and they are configured to work on the settings as per the instructions of your service provider or the device manual.


After getting into your router’s admin panel via Login, we suggest you modify the settings as per your preference and change the default admin details. Doing so will protect your networking devices and important documents against intruders.

Now, have a quick glance at the steps to log in to router using

Set up the Router using

  • Plug in your router into a working wall outlet.

  • Once done, connect your router to the modem or access point via Ethernet cable.

  • Launch any web browser of your choice on a PC or laptop. The device you are using to access the IP address must be connected to your router wirelessly.

  • Once done, head over to the browser’s address bar, type the IP address and hit the Enter key. Avoid using the browser’s search bar for accessing the IP address.

  • To avoid typos, copy the IP address and paste it directly into your browser URL bar.

  • A new window will appear prompting you enter the default router login credentials. Once you’re done with the admin details, click on Log In and proceed towards the next step. We suggest you use the correct login details. If you have changed them, use them or else be ready to encounter with the spinning login issues.

  • Once you’re into the web-user interface of your router, you can modify or alter the settings as per preference, and set it up for blazing-fast internet all over your house.

Do you need assistance to set up your router using the IP address? If so, then carefully follow the instructions given below.

  • Plug in your computer or laptop near to the router. For best and uninterrupted WiFi coverage, place your router in a place where internet is needed the most.

  • Launch an internet browser on any WiFi-enabled device. Don’t forget to connect the device to your home WiFi network.

  • Enter the IP address in the address bar. Do not make any typos. Also clear cache and browsing history.

  • The router login page will appear. Enter the router admin details. It is advisable to use the correct admin details of the device.

  • Click on Log In once you’re done.

  • The web-based setup page of your router will appear.

  • Follow the instructions provided on-screen and configure it with ease.

Once the setup process of your router gets completed successfully, unplug it, move it to your preferred location and enjoy streaming videos with a blazing-fast internet speed everywhere in your house.


Netgear router setup process also needs the same set of instructions as mentioned above.

But, before setting up your Netgear router, there are a few check-points that need your attention. They are as follows:

  • Right off the bat, use the Netgear router manual for the configuration of the device. You can also ask for technical help from our finest technicians in the world via comments.

  • IP is not always used for the configuration of Netgear router. In order to set up the device without any hassle, use either www.routerlogin.net or

  • The default login credentials would also not be the same. To have the Netgear router login credentials, look at the back of your device or the manual.

  • The Netgear router setup instructions may vary from model to model.

  • For more help or query, contact us.