Covid-19 Impact on Europe Fish Protein Isolate Market | Worldwide Opportunities, Driving Forces, Future Potential by 2030

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Global Fish Protein Isolate Market:

An impressive growth rate will be recorded by fish protein isolate market over the forecast period of 2023 to 2030. Factors such as pocket-friendly cost of this base protein ingredient, growing demand of dietary supplements,  and increasing awareness regarding health benefits are driving the market on a high growth trajectory, notes Transparency Market Research.  This is set to generate a string of growth opportunities for market players. Additionally, the growth anticipated for the market would translate to a higher market worth over the forecast period.

Global Fish Protein Isolate Market: Competitive Landscape

The global fish protein isolate market has a decent number of players raising the bar of competition in the vendor landscape. The varied measures used by these players in the process of beating the competition are aimed at strengthening supply chain, diversifying product portfolio and improving their geographic outreach. Some of the growth strategies deployed are entering in partnerships and collaborations, merging with or acquiring other companies, developing better products, and so on.

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Top names in global fish protein isolate market are:

  • Omega Protein Corporation
  • Titan Biotech Limited
  • Peterlabs Holdings Barhad
  • Costantino & C. s.p.a
  • Sopropeche S.A.
  • Mukka Sea Food Industries Private Limited
  • Bio-Oregon Protein Inc.
  • FF Skagen AS
  • Diana Aqua
  • TripleNine Group A/S

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Global Fish Protein Isolate Market: Key Trends and Drivers

It is anticipated that over the forecast period, introduction of clean label certification will play a crucial role in augmenting demand for fish protein isolate as the aware millennial consumer tries to balance a poor lifestyle with better nutrition. There are several other factors, trends and drivers that are set to push the market forward. A glimpse is provided below:

  • The global fish protein isolate market has witnessed notable advancement in membrane technology in the past years. This makes it an affordable protein ingredient, driving its demand in manufacturing of dietary supplements. It is claimed that the fish protein isolate can be a substitute for whey protein in certain applications. This is anticipated to drive global fish protein isolate market on an upward growth curve in the coming years.
  • Companies operating in the global fish protein isolate market are directing efforts towards raising awareness regarding the various health benefits that accrue by its consumption. This is paving way for higher demand for the product and larger investment in the market landscape. Additionally, positive clinical trial results are also contributing to growth in the market.

Global Fish Protein Isolate Market: Regional Analysis

Of the many regional pockets that the upcoming report, prepared by Transparency Market Research, covers in great detail, North America and Europe are set to account for major market share. Reasons attributable to this massive share are evolved retail structure in the regions, high prevalence of obesity, and growing demand for protein. Additionally, high awareness regarding benefits of protein supplements and higher disposable income are also contributing to regional dominance.

It is significant to note here that Asia Pacific region would chart significant growth over the forecast period, with China topping the charts owing to massive fish farming and increasing use of fish in animal feed industry.

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Other countries that will see a sharp focus of market players on themselves are Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Peru. The countries are witnessing a notable shift from carbohydrate-rich foods to protein rich foods, paving way for growth in the market.