Compressed Air Nozzles Market Research Insights by 2027

Global Compressed Air Nozzles Market– Introduction

A compressed air nozzle is a device used to control the direction of air flow by transforming pressure into flow. Compressed air nozzles are mostly used for cleaning, cooling, or drying parts, blowing off debris, part ejection, and conveying. In addition, these nozzles are the smallest air amplifiers. Compressed air nozzles are used to control the speed, rate of flow, mass, shape, direction, and the pressure of the stream. Compressed air nozzles are one of the most common devices used in factories or industries. It is also used for dispersing stream or air in a straight and concentrated fan.

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Global Compressed Air Nozzles Market–Competition Landscape

Lechler Inc.

Founded in 1879, Lechler Inc. is based in St. Charles, the US with approximately 700 employees. The company manufactures and develops nozzle systems and precision nozzles for different industries. Lechler is the innovation leader in nozzle technology with manufacturing locations globally. Lechler has manufacturing facilities in the U.K., Germany, Hungary, the U.S., India, and China. The company has additional subsidiaries and sales networks all over the world with almost 40 agencies.

Nex Flow Air Products Corp.

Founded in 2007, Nex Flow Air Products Corp. is a prominent leader, manufacturing, supplying, and exporting compressed air products globally. The company manufactures compressed air products to improve plant and energy efficiency so as to enhance the quality of the environment. The company offers a wide variety of products such as air wipes, air amplifiers, air knives, spray booth dry air guns, air operated conveyors, safety air blowoff guns, vortex tubes, enclosure and panel cooling products, spot coolers, control cabinet, air nozzles & jets, tool cooling products, fume extractors, air optimization products, dust collectors, static control products, and pneumatic accessories.

Some of the key players operating in the global compressed air nozzles market include KJN Enterprises, EXAIR Corporation, Euspray, Technical Products and Services Inc., H.Ikeuchi & Co., LTD., Lechler Inc., SMC Corporation, Nex Flow Air Products Corp., Pneumadyne, Ikeuchi USA, INC., John Brooks Company, and Knight Pneumatics.

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Global Compressed Air Nozzles Market–Dynamics

Rise in demand for compressed air nozzles in automotive industry

Continuous rise in demand for compressed air nozzles as an important equipment in the automotive industry is driving the growth of the compressed air nozzles market across the world. Automotive service stations also use compressed air nozzles for different maintenance work, which in turn is expected to boost the growth of the compressed air nozzles market over the forecast period. Compressed air nozzles are used in different industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and packaging to improve energy efficiency and work safety standards. This in turn is expected to accelerate the demand for compressed air nozzles over the few years.

Global Compressed Air Nozzles Market–Segmentation

The global compressed air nozzles market can be segmented based on:

  • Air nozzles types
  • Application
  • End -user
  • Parts of air nozzles
  • Compressor type
  • Industry
  • Region