Common Casino Mistakes that Are Ruining Your Chances of Winning


Have you ever wondered what you could be doing better or differently for better odds of winning in a casino? Chances are you’re probably playing the game correctly, at least if it’s a game of luck. However, if you’re making the wrong moves in general, such as by choosing the wrong games to play in the first place, then there’s definitely room for improvement.


Here are some of the most common mistakes people tend to make that have the biggest impact on their odds. According to, a resource for all things related to online casinos.

Choosing Games with High House Edge

For some reason, the most popular casino games also tend to have the highest house edge. Of course, we’re talking about slot games. Which account for over 80% of overall casino revenue. Yes, it’s safe to say that these are major money makers for the casinos. However, when you take a look at some of the biggest pokie wins in history, you’ll see that they have also made quite a few of the players millionaires as well. Which would totally explain why the popularity of them prevails.

However, in terms of how often they pay out and what the return to player percentages are, you might be better off playing any number of other game types. At least for the majority of the time you’re playing and keeping your slot efforts more minimal.

Making Low Probability Bets


Of course, there’s no way to know the exact bet you should be making in any game, that’s why it’s called gambling. Still, there are certainly some bets worth making and some not so much. Take roulette for example, a game with many different bets which also come with variables in how they pay and their probability as well. You can find more infromations on

Naturally, the less likely a bet is to win, the more you stand to gain. Which is what is so attractive about risky betting. But unless you have plenty of money to burn or are psychic, it’s probably best to stick to the safer bets for the vast majority of the time you spend playing.

For this reason, games like baccarat, blackjack and craps are your best options. Because for the most part, you can expect to win roughly 50% of the time. Same goes for even-money bets in roulette.

Not Knowing When to Quit

No matter how skillfully you think you’re playing or close you think you are to winning, there will come a time where your best move is to quit. Of course, you know this, but it’s easier to say it or think it than it is to do it.

Still, when it comes to betting games, you should know when to quit while you’re ahead. Moreover, when you’re losing, it’s even more important to set a limit and quit when you meet it. If you ask any dealer in a casino, the number one thing they’ll tell you is that they hate to see players lose their winnings back by not knowing when to stop playing.

Chasing Your Losses


There’s nothing worse than losing enough money in a casino where you feel desperate to regain what you’ve lost. The feeling emerges where you feel like you are bound to win the next time, so you keep playing. To the further detriment to your bankroll, as you continue to lose.

Losing streaks are a natural part of playing any betting game. Just like there are times you’ll experience win after win. You shouldn’t let either stand in the way of you staying within your budget or the time you have available to play.

Drinking Too Much

Casinos are meant as a form of amusement, so alcohol does have its place in it. Which is why there is almost always a bar or free drinks on offer at every establishment. However, imbibing too much could be detrimental to how you play and have a grave impact on your decision-making skills. Which would almost make everything else on this list pointless to even attempt.

Even while playing online, many people tend to enjoy a drink or two which is harmless. But keep in mind that online betting is no different than being in a traditional casino. Virtual currency is still on the line and that requires just as much self-control as land-based gaming.

Having No Budgets


Setting limits for yourself is going to eliminate many of the bad habits listed in this article. For example, you can’t possibly chase losses if it means exceeding the pre-set limits on your account. When playing online, this is actually much easier because you can use the settings on your account to limit how much time and money you are able to spend. Moreover, if you still find yourself struggling, you can even use the option to exclude yourself from the casino. Of course, this isn’t always helpful since there are tons of different sites offering the same games. But it is a start.

Playing Online When You Struggle with Any of the Above

As amazing as it is that you can now go online or download an app and more or less hold an entire casino in the palm of your hand. There are also some drawbacks as well. For example, the accessibility can make keeping on track a lot harder for some people. While for some, having a casino at your fingertips at all times takes away from the urgency of wanting to play.


It all depends on your personality type. If you are someone that has struggled in the past with the amount of time you spend playing in casinos, then perhaps online casinos aren’t really the right option for you.

Instead, keep a healthy mindset about the act of betting by keeping it as a casual or social activity you do only in person. For the majority of people this isn’t necessary at all, and online casinos can be an amazing way to pass some free time at home.